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Explaining #MyBlogU User Rank

mbu-rankMyBlogU is all about mutual help, whether you expect anything in return or not… The very first step to being recognized online as a thought leader is being helpful: That’s how most people you know in your niche started.

However to give our members something tangible (I know how important that is for motivation) we introduced “User rank”, the number that reflects any user’s “helpfulness” (if we may say so)

User rank grows when:

  • An idea you sent got approved by the brainstorm project owner
  • Your reply is included in the published expert interview
  • Another MBU user gives you a positive review talking about his/her experience with you
  • You spend your first 6 months at MyBlogU
  • You approve an idea which was sent to you by another user AND provide a URL where that idea was featured*

* Note that these URLs are monitored by moderators. We usually remove the URL when an idea is included but the author is in no way credited (Not that we have strict rules about that but we would LOVE to promote the culture of proper crediting within MBU)


This way your MBU user rank reflects any useful action that you may have contributed to our community!

User rank is integrated within MyBlogU

You can see any user’s user rank when viewing their MyBlogU user profile.

Our writer’s database is also ranked based on MBU rank (Which makes is a great way to get more exposure.)

Once we are bit more established, we’ll be holding regular contests to somehow reward and motivate our most helpful users!

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  4. Donglee says:

    its very usefull

  5. chetan says:

    MyBlogU is great for social media

  6. chetan says:

    My site ranking on Google…. thanks MyBlogU

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