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10 Best Free and Freemium Influencer Marketing Tools #MyBlogU

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10 Free and Freemium Influencer Marketing ToolsThis whole month we’ll be talking about influencer marketing listing best tools, tips, examples and templates. Influencer marketing is efficient to build any brand, be it a huge ecommerce business or a small blog you are willing to grow.

We’ll start with listing most efficient tools for finding niche influencers because it all starts with identifying key contacts to reach out to.

Blogging Tools

Building relationships with influential bloggers is the most efficient way to get the word out. Popular bloggers have loyal audience and social media following they can utilize to build your brand awareness.

1. MyBlogU: Collaborate on Content


MyBlogU is a great way to find experts to contribute to your article to start developing those relationships from there on. Similarly, you can use the platform to find articles to contribute to (Which helps building your niche authority and discover new opportunities).

2. BuzzSumo: Find Recent Popular Bloggers


BuzzSumo is the best content search platform out there. Search for content using any keyword and play with awesome sorting options right away. Here are some ideas:

  • Filter by date: the more recent articles you find, the better-targeted your outreach email will be
  • Filter by content type to find recent interviews on that topic: Invite those interviewees to contribute a quote to your future article as well!
  • Search by author name to find most recent articles by the influencer you are going to connect to [author:Their Name]

3. ClearVoice: Find Influential Writers and Reporters


ClearVoice is author search tool that lets you find influential writers on your specified topic. Each author it returns has Google Plus and Twitter profile URLs listed making it easier for you to collect more information and connect.

Twitter Tools

Twitter remains an unbeatable source of influencer connections: It’s open, searchable and real time allowing you to connect to anyone. Here are some awesome Twitter influencer marketing tools!

4. TwtrLand: Search Twitter by Skill


TwtrLand is a cool Twitter and Instagram search tool that lets you search both the platforms by skill while letting you play with lost of other cool sorting and filtering options including “influencer” and location.

You’ll also see if each Twitter user is responsive or not.

5. FollowerWonk: Search Twitter Users by Bio


FollowerWonk is a powerful Twitter bio search letting you find Twitter users by a keyword used in their “description” field. You can limit results by number of followers, location, and URL.

You can then sort results by number of followers or “FollowerWonk” social authority.

6. Twiangulate: Find Common Connections of Two Twitter Influencers + Search by Bio


Twiangulate is a great way to expand your outreach list: Grab two influencers from your list and have the tool search their common followers.

If you have built solid following on Twitter, you can use this tool to find your current followers with a certain skill:


7. Follow up on Missed Conversions with Influencers is an absolutely awesome tool for keeping track of Twitter users who have recently interacted with you:

  • See the list of *recent* interactions with Twitter influencers.
  • See if you interacted back (track “unreplied status”).
  • Sort results by “Highest rating” to see MOST influential users who have ever interacted with you.
  • See how much impact each of the influencer’s tweets made (number “interactions” of the tweet = replies + retweets).

More Tools

Here are more tools to discover and connect to influencers!

8. ViralContentBuzz: Get Your Content Shared by Influencers

Social Media Interactions

ViralContentBuzz puts your content in front of eager social media users who are willing to share your content. Interact with each share you receive through VCB to further develop each relationship.

I actually found some awesome people through ViralContentBuzz who were willing to connect because they shared my content previously.

9. Linkedin: Find Common Connections With a Media Outlet


LinkedIn is a great way to find a better way to reach out to a huge media outlet. Search for the company name and see 1st and 2nd grade connections you may have with its staff and guest contributors to get better introduced to editors.

10. NinjaOutreach: Find & Categorize Your Prospects

NinjasOutreach (NOT affiliated with Internet Marketing Ninjas FYI) is a great multi-purpose influencer outreach platform that includes a powerful prospect search option as well. Search and categorize your prospects into lists to develop your relationships further.

Bookmark more tools and tips:

Are you aware of more influence marketing tools? Please share them in the comments!

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    Great post, Ann! Consider Mavrck (, a platform that enables brands to discover and activate their existing customers with influence to share branded content on social at scale, converting their friends at a higher rate than other influencer categories and paid social ads.

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