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10 Ways to Support @MyBlogU to Grow Together #MyBlogU

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Support MyBlogUMyBlogU is currently the pure investment project.

We are building and supporting it absolutely for free making it a priority to create something useful for the community.

And you can help us! We can grow together!

Here are a few ways: Pick one or many!

1. Become our brand ambassador

MyBlogU brand ambassadors are those people who want to hear more from us: Our new features, tests, plans, etc. They also agree to share what we have to say (and we share theirs).

In a word, that’s a closer group of people helping to promote and build MyBlogU

What is there for you?

You get an access to a very tight and friendly group of people who never mind promoting your projects or helping out with a tip.

MyBlogU ambassador

2. Join our Twitter chat

Every Thursday 11 am EST we tweet updates from our community worth sharing.

Every last week of the month we give back to our community sharing our members’ articles and accomplishments.

What is there for you?

Our Twitter chats work great for growing your Twitter following, so it’s a great connecting tool as well!

3. Join us on social media

What is there for you?

Social media is the two-way road: If you join us, we’ll join you! 🙂

4. Join and review MyBlogU Udemy course

MyBlogU Udemy course gives you a good overview of our features, settings and opportunities. Plus this is our brand asset which we use to aggregate video tutorials and user reviews.

It’s free and won’t take you much time to take it and spread a word by leaving a review.

What is there for you?

Our Udemy course includes very actionable lessons on how to see more results from your blogging and writing, so it has a huge educational value while being completely free!

5. Install and review MyBlogU WordPress plugin

Still work in progress, MyBlogU WordPress plugin gives you access to most of our features from within your WordPress dashboard.

MyBlogU WordPress plugin

Installing it and reviewing it will also increase its visibility in WordPress plugin search.

What is there for you?

Our WordPress plugin will increase your productivity by giving you easier access our tools.

6. Use our badge

We have lots of things you can easily embed if you want to support us by linking to MyBlogU or mentioning us in a blog post.

Some of the major badges and videos are included here (with an easy-to-copy code to copy and paste)

What is there for you?

Your readers will surely thank you for sharing such a helpful tool 🙂 Plus we’ll do our best to amplify your article mentioning us on social media for you to see more traffic!

7. Encourage our challenge takers

I am a big believer in our challenges and how they motivate and encourage our community members to build great things.

We curate what they do using this room. By signing in and retweeting some of those updates you’ll share your motivation which is so important!

What is there for you?

This way you’ll connect to our members on social media and will thus build up your following and Klout.

8. Participate in the forums

We do have a traditional forum giving our members to get to know each other. So don’t forget to participate in the discussions to make our community stronger!

As our to-do list gets easier, we’ll add a live chat or something similar to let you talk to each other in real time.

What is there for you?

Get to know people who may become your brand ambassadors, promoters, partners or friends!

9. Email your success story / testimonial

I start hearing some positive feedback and success stories from our members, so I am thinking to add a testimonials section one of these days. If you want to be included, please contact us.

What is there for you?

We’ll link to everyone who’ll be included on the page (which may mean more referral traffic for you!)

10. More ideas?

Please share them in the comments! How can we help to grow MyBlogU?

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