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Monthly Archives: July 2014

One Month of #MyBlogU: What Have We Achieved So Far?

On August, 1 @MyBlogU is officially one month old – that’s exactly how long ago we opened it for beta-testing. Let’s see what we have achieved so far! We have announced our Ambassador program which you are still welcome to … Continue reading

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What to Ask for in #MyBlogU Brainstorm Section

@MyBlogU Brainstorm feature will evolve together with our community. We certainly won’t try to influence it too much letting our community decide what the best way to use it is. We are flexible and we are excited to see how … Continue reading

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How to Get Your @MyBlogU Expert Interview Retweeted Like Crazy #myblogu

One of our early users @news4track has an idea of calling @MyBlogU the “Practical Social Network. No need to a prior creation of circles or connections, you can immediately become involved in a project or submit one” [Google-translate his great … Continue reading

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MyBlogU is Looking for Brand Ambassadors #myblogu

Welcome to our Twitter chat to celebrate our brand new hashtag! ==> Please join us here: Last week we officially launched our platform for beta testing. Please register at to give it a test run! For our first … Continue reading

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