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Monthly Archives: August 2014

#MyBlogU August Results and Updates!

Another exciting month is almost over! We’ve been working hard improving functionality and still have a long way to go! But we are pretty excited so far! Let’s share this month’s updates: Notable @MyBlogU mentions .@MyBlogU: Where Content Marketing is … Continue reading

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How to Format an AWESOME Group Interview for Best Results Using #MyBlogU

We continue tweaking our functionality as we learn from user behavior, trends and best online practices. I am pretty sure we’ll keep doing it for many years ahead, so today’s tips and screenshots may be updated at some point but … Continue reading

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How to Respond to MyBlogU Interview Requests

Last week we were talking about using MyBlogU group interviews to enhance your content marketing strategy. Today let’s talk about how to make the most of the feature when replying to interview requests **Please join our Twitter chat weekly on … Continue reading

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How to Use #MyBlogU Interviews Section to Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy

We have already described possible ways to leverage MyBlogU “Brainstorm” section (Examples: Find different angles for your topic idea, get suggested awesome guests for your podcast interview or Google Hangout, etc) Today, let’s talk about another feature of the site: … Continue reading

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