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Monthly Archives: October 2014

New Awesome Coverage + Lots of Activity at #MyBlogU (October Update)

October was a special month for us: We closed our very first brainstorming challenge which will now be a recurring event! We loved the results, participation and activity around it. Turning a contest into a challenge has worked very well: … Continue reading

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#MBUstorm Challenge Winners Announced

A few weeks ago we invited the bravest and most creative Internet community representatives to take part in our 30-day Brainstorm challenge where participants need to use MyBlogU brainstorm feature and then send us their experience & results for the … Continue reading

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Send Ideas through #MyBlogU Brainstorm: Best Practices!

MyBlogU Brainstorm is the most fun and flexible feature we are building for the site. There are no strict rules in there (except for a few ones which are also negotiable), no set deadlines, no preferred topics or formats (we … Continue reading

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Here’s How to Create and Promote an Epic Article: Step by Step Cheatsheet #MyBlogU

We offer lots of tools and trainings. It is easy to get overwhelmed! This article is an attempt to put some of our efforts together while NOT overwhelming you with a 1000-word tutorial. So here you go: Your simplest, yet … Continue reading

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How to Re-Package Your Group Expert Interview for More Exposure #MyBlogU

MyBlogU helps you create highly sharable free content but we have warned you that this feature is not to be overused. An ideal scenario would be (1) generating not more than one GREAT group expert interview a month and (2) … Continue reading

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Are There Any Requirements for Blogs Starting Interview / Brainstorm Projects #MyBlogU?

MyBlogU is committed to helping new bloggers grow. That’s without any doubt our primarily goal: To show you that you are not alone. However for us to grow collectively we do need some quality guidelines to be featured in either … Continue reading

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