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Winners Inside! #MBUstorm Resolution Challenge!

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mbustorm-resultsLast year we invited our users to share there New Years resolutions. We also invited the bravest and most determined of them to spend 30 days with us to make that resolution happen.

Below please find submissions of those users who successfully took the challenge! They are already the winners!

[HUGE thanks to thanks to our challenge partners: @BuzzStream, @sitegeekcom and @firstsiteguide.]


See all the winners here


Over the last 30 days, I published 30 new pieces of content, which hit my goal exactly! We also gained over 200 new Facebook fans in this time, had several posts go viral, gave the blog a new look, and published our first infographic. We have not yet reached the AdSense earnings goal (which I am hoping to hit by March 1) but we did have our second highest day of earnings since we started the site during #mbustorm!


Goals were 2000 twitter followers 100 email subscribers and 1000 a month in income well i’m at 2100 plus followers thanks to sharing other people’s tweets replying to tweets unfollowing people who are inactive or will never follow me back etc.

I’ve gotten more consistent in blog writing and commenting which has lead to 40 email subscribers. Income no new to report at least not that will be reliable monthly income. I did record some songs and posted them to selz. I’ve had some downloads and one person paid five bucks using the pay what you want feature on selz. My ebook is now on amazon and create space but not sure how its selling as me and my screen reader are having trouble logging in to the part of amazon where you check ales. Still I have reason to be optimistic.


Participating in the MyBlogU challenge was great, because it really helped me to step back and figure out what I really WANT in my business. When the challenge started, I was a couple months away from having my first child, and I felt completely scattered and confused on what I wanted in my business. That worried me, because trying to figure out what I’m doing once a baby is here would be difficult, to say the least.

So for my sake (and his) I knew I needed to get clear on some things. I’ve set some goals relating to income, schedule, and growth, and I’ve been going about figuring out how to make those happen.

But the most important thing about the challenge was simply seeing if I was even close to being on the right track. Was I planning offers that would actually resonate with people? Was I actually getting to the core questions that my prospects have, and did I have implementable plans for answering those questions BEFORE they became clients? Basically, I was able to get a lot of feedback that helped me determine whether my business plans and niche are viable options, and the answer is YES – as long as I keep planning and sticking to what I’ve gotten so far.

I can’t say I made huge, measurable steps toward my income goal that I set at the beginning of the challenge – but what I did do was solidify some plans and set down solid, achievable goals. I can move forward with my business confidently, feeling like I know what I’m doing, and that my son (who is now just over a month away!) will be a catalyst in my business, and never a hindrance – because my roadmap is clearly defined.

Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas and helped me get to this point. My son thanks you too (in his own baby way.) 🙂

Jeevan Jacob John

What can I say?

The whole experience was wonderful!

I couldn’t participate in the twitter chats, since I had class during that time (perhaps next semester?). So, I did miss out on actual interaction with many of the users (that sure could have been useful for winning this challenge – but, hey I am still having fun and getting something very valuable out of this challenge. Perhaps that in itself is big enough of a reward).

Anyways, my resolutions for this year are to:

1) Start my productivity projects/websites

2) Start offering writing services.

Right now, I am focusing on the first part, and the brainstorm section has been a great help to me. My initial plan was to start two different websites – one focusing on time saving and the other on time wasting (productively).

Many of the users suggested that I go for the latter and forget the former – because maintaining multiple sites is hard, and there is no shortage of websites belong to the former idea (time saving).

I agreed, and so I changed the plan to just one website. I did get several website names; here are the ones I liked the most: Time Snatchers and Off Time.

(I have yet to choose a name. But, these two are definitely on my list).

Through my subsequent brainstorm projects, I got several other ideas, few of which include:

  • Forum for social engagement
  • Smartphone App to go with the website – Suggesting time wasting tasks to users
  • Weekly challenges for users
  • Best time wastr of the week
  • To do list at the end of each post (Time required to setup app/tool/technique)

I haven’t decided which ideas to pursue – that still requires a lot of thought and planning, but these ideas are anything beyond I had in my initial plans.

I do thank each and everyone of you, for your efforts in helping me accomplish my goals for this year 🙂 And, I sincerely hope I have been a good help to you – if not, do let me know. I will surely try better next time 🙂  Thank you all!

Dangerous Lee

5,000 visits a day: Not hitting the mark on a daily basis but I have met the mark or come close several times. Most importantly I’ve learned ways to increase readers/subscribers and I have also taken my blog in a new, exciting direction.


Taking part in the MyBlogU Challenge was a challenging experience that forced me to push myself. Here are my results:

  1. 3 Blog Posts on WP Lighthouse That Did Pretty Well. Here they are:
    1. On Outsourcing Your Facebook Advertising – An Interview with Brittany Keller
    2. How to make it big in your first year of blogging. A case-study approach of 5 popular bloggers.
    3. 10 Actionable Insights on How to Go Viral Like Buzzfeed, Buffer & Copyblogger
  2. I also submitted three guest posts. One of them was accepted and two more are awaiting approval.
  3. I have also created an ebook to start attracting more subscribers. Readers can now subscribe here.

Those were the three tasks that I challenged myself to do. Beyond those, I have also gotten around 100 new Twitter followers and I can now proudly say that I am a Top Rated Member of MyBlogU as my user rating has gone up from 3 to 28!

A couple of days after I finished my 30 day challenge I also published my first round-up post using MyBlogU. It is my most engaged post yet. Here it is: 34 Top Blogs About Blogging in 2015 [BONUS Inside]

Finally and best of all, I can say that I have made a number of new friends online. Thank You MyBlogU!


My goal was to increase my daily traffic from an average of 70 visitors a day up to 200 visitors a day until February 1. Also, add 200 subscribers to my email list.

Well, my biggest day was 167 visitors, not an average, but still. Instead of 200 subscribers I only added around 50.

So, I haven’t managed to reach my goal, but I’m happy about my results, I did make progress and that’s very important for me 🙂 Hope to continue using Myblogu to create content for my blog and help out others.


Here is how #mbustorm helped:

  • It made me give myself a deadline. It turned out the deadline was a bit ambitious taking holidays into account, but I’m still much further along than I would have been without it.
  • Interracting with other mbustorm-ers (a vert encouraging bunch!) made me feel confident that what I offer is valuable.
  • I collected tons of ideas for offerings and while I chose to go fairly general on my first two packages, I now have ideas for more specific programs I can create in future.
  • A question by Phil Turner made me realise that I’d been attached to a specific way of coaching that had worked well for me, but was not for everyone. People have different preferences in terms of how much support they get, so it’s good to have more than one package they can choose from (offering same outcome, but different level of support).
  • Unrelated to this particular offering, I was struggling to come up with blog post ideas for a freelance writing client. I’d spent a whole day on it and I had a notebook full of ideas, but all of them seemed boring. Then I asked for help at #myblogu and within a day I had lots of topics to choose from that I was excited to write about.
  • It felt good to put my creativity to test while coming up with ideas for others. Something that I noticed from the last challenge and got confirmed now – I’d look at a project and would be able to think of absolutely nothing in the moment, but once I gave myself time to walk away, an idea would always come up (in true introvert style). \
  • My ideas got featured in lots of great blog posts! I’ve got buzzsumo alerts set up (I won the membership during the last challenge) to let me know when my blog gets linked to and I get lots of these emails now.

It’s been a pleasure to be a part of the #mbustorm community and thank you everyone for offering your help and inspiration!


My challenge was simple: Blog every Friday for 30 days, use MyBlogU to help with content and promotion. That’s not a tough task!

As a result I’ve seen a huge traffic boost! I Tweeted the screenshot on my last challenge day.


I set up a membership site My target was 20 free sign-ups.

I knew when I started that I had set myself a very difficult target, but I don’t see any point in setting targets I can achieve in my sleep. If it isn’t tough, it’s not a target.

I originally anticipated a site for men and women and set up to that end. I then decided that I know more about men’s issues than women’s and seet up the two subdomains. I kept track of my daily submissions using a site I set up for that purpose

I wanted a way to hide most of my blog posts from people who were not signed up. After a few false starts I spent a lot of money on Digital Access Pass which I managed to set up on my own.

I moved all my domains to a new host on 26th January. The above sites wee at the new host from day 1 and were displaying fine until 26th January, when the new host managed to delete them while they were moving my other sites from Hostgator. My HG sites moved fine, but noo membership sites. I am waiting for InMotion support to fix the issue. Hopefully this will be on Monday or Tuesday.

I have started writing an ebook which will link to the membership site, but it is only half-written yet. These things take longer than a few weeks.

I have sent off a few guest post proposals but am still waiting to hear back.

I am getting there, no sign-ups so far though., still working towards my membership site goal of 200 signups by the end of the year.


I would like to say thank you to MBUstorm challenge partners. I would like to wish all myblogu community users a great success in their future endeavours and looking forward to work with all the myblogu users in future projects. It was a great experience working with well known community users and few to name Ann, Phil , Anna , Patricia , Sana , Jeevan , Adrienne, Jessy , Jeffrey , Lee , Liudas and knen. I would like to thank all the community users who took their precious time to read our submitted brainstorming ideas sent to each of their brainstorming projects and approving them and providing feedback. I would like to thank all the moderators who actively participated and made sure brainstorming projects are approved in time and they have got enough ideas to get started. Ann and team has done a great work out there and their commitment is truly inspirational to all other community members.

During 30 days of time I tried to submit as many as brainstorming ideas to myblogu projects few were approved with positive feedback, thanks for accepting them. I hope to continue submitting more of them in upcoming days.

I would like to wish a very best of luck to everyone in upcoming contest results and i wish the best win the competitions.

Greg DiVilbiss

I am very happy with the results I got from the challenge. I upped my marketing efforts for SEO clients. I was able to help people at MyBlogU and I was able to post regular blog posts.

I hope we do some more challenges in the future.

Congrats to everyone for all of their efforts and a special Thank You to Ann for putting together this forum to become a better blogger.

I am not sure what to post here but I am very appreciative of the challenge.

[I am publishing these stories as they are!]



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