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Monthly Archives: June 2015

MyBlogU Community News for June! #MyBlogU

June has been a pretty quiet and lazy month at @MyBlogU land. Many of us (including myself) have been busy planning vacations and taking care of end-of-school commitments. We did have quite a few cool things happen to us though, … Continue reading

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How to Build Community around Your Blog with #MyBlogU

A blog cannot exist without community: There should be repeat visitors who are looking forward to your articles, share, comment, give you feedback, etc. A blogger without community can quickly burn out. Your community helps you promote your content, inspires … Continue reading

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Make the Most of Your Expert Interview after You Hit Publish #MyBlogU

Collecting ideas from MyBlogU users and publishing an article is just one step in the process. If you want to really get more exposure to your content and make the most of that collaborated effort, here’s your to-do list. [To … Continue reading

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The MOST Essential Writing Tools #MyBlogU

Our community is all about creative writing: We inspire each other, motivate to write and help create epic content. We also educate through these chats giving you more and more actionable tips to try and tools to play with. Today’s … Continue reading

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