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Monthly Archives: November 2015

What We Are Thankful For #MyBlogU

Today is Thanksgiving and so we are thankful for the wonderful community that shares so much every month! We truly become better people here! Let’s quickly list this month’s Twitter chats: How to Find Time for a New Site? #MBUstorm … Continue reading

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How to Build a Memorable Niche Blog #MyBlogU

What makes a blog stick in your mind? What makes you come back, interact and comment? What makes you think “Ah, I remember that blogger Bill Smith covering that recently!” These questions have always interested me: Back in I wrote … Continue reading

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How to Craft a Better Title Tag: 10 Actionable Tips #MyBlogU

In an effort to help our #MBUstorm contestants to build up their new blogs, we’ve shared quite a few tips by now: We’ve talked about building your brand assets, lead generation, engaging your readers, crafting a great logo on the … Continue reading

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How to Find Time for a New Site? #MBUstorm #MyBlogU

One of the biggest problems our contestants had to face was the lack of time, quite predictably… The thing is, for most of us autumn turned out to be a busier time than we expected and the abundance of family … Continue reading

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