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Monthly Archives: November 2015

How to Build a Memorable Niche Blog #MyBlogU

What makes a blog stick in your mind? What makes you come back, interact and comment? What makes you think “Ah, I remember that blogger Bill Smith covering that recently!” These questions have always interested me: Back in I wrote … Continue reading

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How to Craft a Better Title Tag: 10 Actionable Tips #MyBlogU

In an effort to help our #MBUstorm contestants to build up their new blogs, we’ve shared quite a few tips by now: We’ve talked about building your brand assets, lead generation, engaging your readers, crafting a great logo on the … Continue reading

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How to Find Time for a New Site? #MBUstorm #MyBlogU

One of the biggest problems our contestants had to face was the lack of time, quite predictably… The thing is, for most of us autumn turned out to be a busier time than we expected and the abundance of family … Continue reading

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