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Monthly Archives: December 2015

5 Ways to Re-Package Your List Article Into a Digital Asset #MyBlogU

The art of creating a working digital asset is an ever changing one. It isn’t enough to make something that people will enjoy viewing or reading. You have to stand out against the backdrop of noise that is all over … Continue reading

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Why Won’t My Site Convert? #MyBlogU

We are well into #MBUstorm challenge and our participants have started emailing me asking what to do if their sites don’t seem to convert. Before we go into that, please make sure you went through our previous lessons: We’ve already … Continue reading

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How to Monetize Your New Site #MBUstorm #MyBlogU

We are moving on to the most important part: Monetizing our #MBUstorm sites. I consider it the most important not just because of the money aspect of it (though it’s good enough). Seeing some money coming in is the most … Continue reading

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