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Monthly Archives: May 2016

#MyBlogU May Community Updates: Get Featured and Build Your Brand

May is almost over. That has been a quick, but great month! Quite a remarkable month for some us. Hopefully for all in a good way! Let’s take a look back on our chats about building your brand by being … Continue reading

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How to Get Featured in AMAs (Ask Me Anything) #MyBlogU

AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) is a concept which was made popular by Reddit, where the users (i.e. “the AMA host”) open themselves up to questioning by the public, around an announced topic of their choice. Other users can leave questions, … Continue reading

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Building Your Brand? Become a Podcast Guest! #MyBlogU

Appearing in podcasts is able to give your brand an incredible boost. Even small podcasts can often gain a lot of traction because they deal with a specified field or topic. Then there is the sheer reach of podcasts (even … Continue reading

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Want Some Publicity? Get a Guest Spot On a Twitter Chat! #MyBlogU

Welcome to May Twitter chats hosted by #MyBlogU! This whole month we are going to talk about building your brand by being featured: In podcasts, Twitter chats and social media AMAs. In my opinion, Twitter chats are the most woefully … Continue reading

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