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Monthly Archives: August 2016

#MyBlogU August Community Updates: Creating Useful Content

Today is the last Thursday of summer. Can you believe that? This whole month we have been talking on creating useful content for WordPress base blogs. Here’s the recap: Create an Informative FAQ For Your WordPress Blog How To Create … Continue reading

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Set up A Detailed Contact Page #MyBlogU

If you have a detailed FAQ (or Customers’ Knowledge Base) and Glossary on your site, hopefully many users’ questions will be answered on your site already. However if you provide a service or simply want to hear from your site … Continue reading

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How To Create An Awesome Glossary For Your WordPress Blog #MyBlogU

We have already chatted about one useful content addition to your site: Niche FAQ. This time we have a new idea: Create an indepth glossary. While FAQ answers popular questions and attracts new users seeking answers to those questions, a … Continue reading

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Create an Informative FAQ For Your WordPress Blog #MyBlogU

This whole month at our Twitter lessons we are going to discuss all types of useful content you should create for your blog over time. These are essential for your site success and can help grow it organically. The first … Continue reading

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