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Monthly Archives: September 2016

#MyBlogU September Community Updates: Summing Up the Month of Collaboration

The month of ‘back to school’ is almost over, and this whole past month we were talking about different ways and reasons for bloggers to collaborate. September Twitter Chats: Benefits Of Collaborating With Strangers How Blogger Collaboration Makes The Internet … Continue reading

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How to Set up Brand Ambassador Program #MyBlogU

This whole month we’ve been chatting about bloggers collaborating with each other. Today, we’ll take a bit different angle: We’ll discuss how brands can effectively collaborate with bloggers through an ambassador program. While we are here, consider joining our MyBlogU … Continue reading

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Long-Term Collaboration Project Ideas for Bloggers #MyBlogU

Blogger collaboration is the most efficient way to build a solid blog. As we discussed, collaboration can take multiple forms including a guest post or an interview. There are also longer-term types of collaboration which will require more time and … Continue reading

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How Blogger Collaboration Makes The Internet a Better Place #MyBlogU

Some of the best articles are born from more than one blogger getting together and providing their mutual goals towards a single goal. It is about sharing creativity and drawing from one another’s expertise. Given how much trash is posted … Continue reading

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Benefits Of Collaborating With Strangers #MyBlogU

Just because you are a freelancer or an independent contractor, it does not mean that you cannot occasionally work with others. The concept: Coworking is a gathering of people who work independently. Often they share the same values and appreciate … Continue reading

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