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3 Creative Types of Group Expert Interviews to Try #MyBlogU

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3 Creative Types of Group Expert Interviews to TryExpert interviews have quickly become popular: The idea of free content and collaborated sharing coupled with the idea of free exposure seems too tempting to both the publisher and the participating contributor.

However, there’s the third party here: The reader and let’s not forget about that! The issue is, many expert group interviews are no more than a random collection of quotes. It may not be too interesting to read or to easy to find value in.

Let’s share some ideas of how a group blog interview can be both interesting and valuable:

[Note: Like with any other content marketing tactic, you don’t want to use *only* these methods again and again. The following ideas are to inspire and to experiment with, not to overuse.]

1. Tweetable (Bite-sized) tips

How to do that:

  • You ask your contributors to provide one actionable tip on how to accomplish something (noting that the tip should be short and sweet)
  • You select best tips and publish them as one article using “Tweet this” links to let contributors and readers easily share each tip. Don’t forget to tag each author in each tweetable quote!

Benefits of this method:

  • Contributors don’t have to spend too much time providing the quote
  • The article is easy to read and digest and (hopefully) is full of actionable advice to go home with
  • The article is highly sharable


Here’s how you can get even more value from your “bite-sized” tips list:

Break the tips into a regular newsletter: A new tip every week! Keep the tips coming by never closing MyBlogU project: New members joining will provide more tips which you can add to your current article and send as a separate newsletter issue. People love receiving regular short tips that provoke action!

2. Best tools voted by experts

How to do that:

  • Ask your contributors to share 3 of their favorite tools to accomplish something
  • Go through all the tools and start the article with the best-rated tools by experts
  • Follow-up with detailed answers from each contributor

Benefits of this method:

  • People love tools and they will appreciate your work going through all the answers and providing them with the most popular / useful ones
  • There are tools for almost anything these days (Think about mobile apps, browser extensions, etc), so this method can be applied to any niche!


Here’s how you can get even more value from your “best tools” list:

If you use a “Tweet this” plugin mentioned above, tag all the mentioned tools in the tweetable quote: This way the mentioned company managers will be there to interact as well!

3. Visual quotes

How to do that:

  • Ask your contributors for a short tip on any topic (This works best for motivational, inspirational, get-things-done topics)
  • Use Canva or similar tools to turn best quotes into beautiful images and create one article using all of them

Benefits of this method:

  • Visuals expand the channels you can market to as well as give you more content to share the same content several times
  • Visuals are great to diversify your editorial calendar


Here’s how you can get even more value from your “visual quotes” list:

Visual quotes make perfect Slideshare material. Or you can even turn them into video. Or, what’s better, do both. Here are various ways to re-package your list into a digital asset.

More creative group interview examples:

Here are a few more ideas on how to turn your group interview into a meaningful and useful content asset:

  • Turn your group interview into an infographic: example via @venngage
  • Turn your group interview into an ebook: example via @techwyse

Any more ideas of creative expert interviews? Please share!

2 Responses so far.

  1. All of these three type can be put to use as all seems good it will not take too much time of experts. I liked this tips and gonna follow for next blog post.

  2. Jessica says:

    I like the idea of visual quotes but have never used them as described here. I am definitely going to incorporate it into my inspirational videos, I think it will be much more effective.

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