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5 Ways to Re-Package Your List Article Into a Digital Asset #MyBlogU

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repackage-listThe art of creating a working digital asset is an ever changing one. It isn’t enough to make something that people will enjoy viewing or reading. You have to stand out against the backdrop of noise that is all over the web. That isn’t always easy.

Lists are probably the most popular (and recommended) forms of content available. If you want to get a lot of attention, make your article easy for skimming. But what do you do when that list becomes stale?

Note: MyBlogU is your best and only assistant to create a popular list-type article: Just create a brainstorm project asking our community to list their favorite books, tools, apps, steps, brands, … you name it!.. and you get your original article almost written for you. You just need to pack all of them into one article while giving a well-deserved credit to your helpers!

Re-packaging is also a fantastic way to create strong digital assets that enhance your entire content marketing plan.

Here are five great ways to make that list do more for you.

Use Listly To Create Awesome New Lists

List example: MyBlogU to Help with Every Aspect of Online Marketing

Listly list

Listly is a favorite among people who want to make a lot of lists, but don’t have a lot of ideas. You can be inspired by others who have posted their own, then create new ones right there on their site. It is a useful tool, but it is even more useful if you want to take one list, and make even more.

Users will often comment with items they think should have been included which gives you yet enough pool for list ideas in the future. You will also be able to see what is being viewed (it keeps count), what is getting likes, and what generates engagement. It might give you some insight into what lists are strong, from a community dedicated to the format.

Finally, you can see what topics are hot right now. While you may be somewhat limited by your niche, an overview never hurts.

Show Off Content With Bunkr

List example: Online marketing with MyBlogU

Bunkr list

Presentations are a huge pain! Yes, it is exciting to be asked to give one. But frankly, many of us who work online do best to stay on the web. If you are one of those people, you might want to repackage your older content to create your presentation, to keep you in your comfort zone while you speak in front of an audience.

Bunkr is a great tool that generates presentations from your content that is easy to show off to anyone, anywhere. Lists are fantastic for this, because they can be broken down for simple talking points. You can then expand on them in your talk, while illustrating it simply through Bunkr’s easy to use features.

Make a Slideshare Presentation

List example: How to create EPIC content

Make a Slideshare Presentation

Presentations aren’t just for conferences. Slideshare is growing by the day, and it is clear why. The format is cool, and the community is dedicated and uncrowded. People like slideshows, without the annoyance of clicking through loading pages with a ton of ads (a distressingly common tactic for ad revenue these days).

Slideshare is the perfect place to create these slideshows. You can then embed them on your site, share them through social media, and even put them up on Pinterest. Here are some tools to easily create awesome Slideshare presentations.

Just remember that you should condense lists as much as possible, and never crowd your slides. This format requires you to be as succinct as possible.

Animate Your List Infographics With ThingLink

List example: MyBlogU Helps You Create Better Content


Infographics take a lot more effort than most forms of repackaging. But lists give a great starting point, because they are already simplified and segmented. You will be taking advice, data and information, providing pictures, and giving readers a more visual way to understand what you have been trying to express.

The result is always better if you hire a professional designer help, but if you are just going to re-package your list, online design tools may work!

Whichever method you choose, you can then upload your infographic to ThingLink to make all list items clickable! More fun for your readers!

One benefit of infographics is that they are serious share-bait. People love to circulate them on social media, and Pinterest boards in particular and full of them. They are easy to post on your blog, and can be used for email list building, among other things.

Bonus: Get More Specific

The easiest way to use a list is to use it for ideas on extensive blog posts. Take each item on the list and dedicate a blog post to it. This might take a bit of creativity, but you can always expand on the topic or thought. Just imagine how much material you could get from a list with five items, or ten! You would be covered for weeks on blog post ideas.

Not only that, but you could then repackage that content in different ways. Maybe you will make an ebook with your posts. Perhaps a video. You may even make more lists from the blog posts that were made from the original list. It is amazing how circular (but effective) the process can be. Or how popular the results will end up.

Lists – Not Just a Pretty Piece Of Content

There is a reason lists are popular, and yet they are rarely praised for everything they provide. Sure, they are easy to write, and attract a lot of attention. But they are also rife for repackaging, and you can bring more out of them than most forms of writing.

Do you have any other ways to make lists work for you? Let us know in the comments!

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