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Announcing the Winners of #MBUstorm Today! #MyBlogU

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myblogu-may-pushThanks everyone who joined the chat and our LIVE Hangout on Air to help us select the winner. We were using to pick the lucky one!

Congrats to our #7 participant, Christopher! He sent his results the last minute, and won! Check the link above on how it happened 🙂

We used to do it differently: We used to let our community choose the winner by voting but our community was always complaining that it’s an impossible job! All #MBUstorm challenge takes totally deserve to win! How can we choose!

So this time we rely on the destiny.

Here’s how it all worked:

  • We tweeted the quick stories of the winners (while you are joining the hangout)
  • Then we shared our screen and picked the winner LIVE

Here are the stories as they came (the number is what we are going to use for

1. Kari78 @RelationshipCir: Another Great #MBUstorm Challenge!

I had a lot of the same results that I had last time, including more traffic to blogs, easier time creating posts (thanks to all the brainstorms and interview answers), more inspiration and motivation to blog, and increased activity with my Twitter account.

I also re-discovered what is really important to me and why I started blogging in the first place – which was to improve my own life while (hopefully) improving the lives of others.

So, with that in mind, I asked myself what I would really like to work on in my own life that I think will benefit other people as well, and I discovered the niche I really want to tackle.

I guess the best way to describe the niche would be self-improvement of the mind/thoughts with a heavy focus on the law of attraction. I’m planning on delving into a few categories that I want to learn more about and incorporate more into my life, including gratitude, hypnosis, subliminal messages, meditation, visualization, etc.

I bought the domain, and I plan on doing a lot of reviews of books and courses specific to those subjects I mentioned. I currently make 95% of my income from my reviews. In fact, I do so well with my reviews that I’ve known for a long time that I need to put more effort into them, but I haven’t had the passion for reading books or buying courses on things that I’m not necessarily interested in.

Thanks to everyone at MyBlogU for everything.

2. AnnaFox @manifestcon: I had a blast!

As always, #MBUstorm has worked very well for me and my blog! It’s my 4th challenge: I haven’t missed a single one!!!

I’ve published two powerful mastermind articles on my blog that have received lots of great comments from the contributors. Plus, I was lucky enough to be an early tester of Articles Cllaboration and had awesome results with it!

Here are my new niche ideas and I am thinking to start a blog on one of these:

  • DIY projects for busy parents (thanks, Tat!)
  • Questions my child asked today (thanks, Phil!)
  • Family hacks (thanks, Christopher!)
  • Being productive in breaks (thanks, Jeevan!)

I think the latter concept is also echoed by other contributors from time to time. THANKS, everyone!

3. Philip Turner @EP_pturner: This went great

The niche I have settled on is people 50-70 who want to pass on their knowledge. I will probably set it up as a free membership site. I have the domain,

Monetisation through marketing to list eg web hosting and set up.

4. Tat @muminsearch: It was fascinating how this challenge unfolded

It was fascinating how this challenge unfolded for me. I started with very general questions and ‘trying on’ different ideas to see what they feel like. Then I gradually narrowed down what I wanted and what I didn’t want to be doing, as well as the areas where I’d need help. In the end, this is the general niche I settled on and I feel very excited about.

My new business venture will serve entrepreneurs with 1-3 years experience in running their business. They’re set up with the basics, but their results are not where they’d like them to be. They already know a lot about running a business, but other people’s formulas and blueprints are not quite working for them. I will be guiding them to come up new, creative solutions using their own intuition and imagination, so that they can tap into their unique strengths and way of doing things.

The overall metaphor for my work will be Dancing with Your Inner CEOyou get to partner with that wise, decisive, determined part of you that knows exactly what’s best for you and it is a relationship that feels dynamic, but at the same time safe, nurturing and supportive.

Thank you so much to all of the #mbustorm participants, your input has been invaluable.

5. Jeevan Jacob John @DaringBlogger: The contest was awesome!

As usual, the contest was awesome – I was able to help a few folks out, while getting a lot of help and ideas from others (thanks to them!).

I started out with multiple niche ideas, and ended up picking one (thanks to the community for helping me decide). Many folks liked my idea for a blog about Failure (Excelling with Failure; I still haven’t decided on a name yet).

I do plan on starting it (when, I am not sure; it depends on a couple of things). But, my plan is to start it, and participate in the contest (hopefully, it will go as planned!).

Thank you Ann (and the team) for organizing another great contest! Only thing I am disappointed in was not being able to participate in the Twitter chats (I usually had classes during the time, so couldn’t participate in any of those).

6. Dr Elaine Nicholls @Nicholls_Dr: Another MBUstorm completed!

Another MBUstorm completed with lots of fun interaction with other bloggers. The highlight was having a coaching session with Tat which helped me to get focused and was so much FUN! I’ve loved seeing others exploring their niches and develop ideas more than I’ve enjoyed the process for myself! The answers seem so obvious when you’re coaching and mentoring others but it can be really difficult to get that for yourself.
I am planning to start a membership site using my teaching and mentoring skills and experience. I am still finalising my plans but my niche is students!!

7. Christopher Jan Benitez @christopherjanb: Refined my idea!

I started out with the idea of building a guitar niche site that helps people play fast, searing leads like a madman. I will make money by creating videos, conducting lessons, and creating content for affiliate sales, which is a painstaking project. After talking to users at MBU, I refined the idea and made it simple and much easier to implement.

Instead of my original idea, I want to create an embeddable website tool made for affiliate sites. It lets you create a series of questions that visitors will answer. Once they finished answering the questions, the tool will compute the results and deliver the affiliate products that they can buy from your site. The site owner must  input the affiliate products they want to sell so the tool can display them.

I’m thinking that the interface will look like MySiteAuditor ( You can embed them on your page to create a landing page.

I’m still setting up the workflow with a developer friend I know, so building the tool will take time. But at least the foundation is there. Will probably need to refine the idea more, though.

Finally, as this is technically our PUSH Thursday, just a few @MyBlogU mentions we got during this month (Please support these by commenting and sharing):

See you next week! We’ll be announcing our new contest on the 5th of September! Stay tuned!

4 Responses so far.

  1. annsmarty says:

    Congrats, Christopher! Very well deserved, even though you were too humble! You added so much value to the community this summer! I hope you’ll stick around!

  2. WOW! Just woke up (time difference) to read my email and see the great news. This is such a humbling experience – I was supposed to back out from the contest because I felt the idea wasn’t up to snuff and didn’t have time to fully develop it. But thanks to Ann, who encouraged me to put it up anyway, I did.

    The cash prize was just a consolation prize, in my opinion (to which I am very grateful, don’t get me wrong). But it’s the relationships I’ve built over the time I’ve been an active user at MBU are the things I find much more valuable.. The answers I’ve shared and received, the ideas I’ve developed with everyone’s help – these things are priceless.

    So THANK YOU MBU for giving me this platform to connect and share ideas! I’ll most definitely stick around to share my ideas and learn from everyone!

    • annsmarty says:

      Christopher, your first challenge and you won!!! Very well-deserved I think: You added LOTS of value to many projects here and you worked hard daily!

  3. Acord says:

    All participants are very worthy. The seventh participant was very lucky having sent his work at the very last moment and won.
    Kind words from all participants say that #MBU storm was very useful for all the participants. Keep up the great work!

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