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Are There Any Requirements for Blogs Starting Interview / Brainstorm Projects #MyBlogU?

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Quality guidelinesMyBlogU is committed to helping new bloggers grow. That’s without any doubt our primarily goal: To show you that you are not alone.

However for us to grow collectively we do need some quality guidelines to be featured in either Brainstorm or Interview sections. Let’s face it, we all need some exposure and we want our features to be useful to BOTH the project owner and the contributors.

So let’s go through these items one by one:

Quality Guidelines

We don’t so much care about your traffic or Google PageRank but we do have a couple of strict rules:

  • No expired made-for-money blogs please
  • No generic “About everything” blogs: Those usually lack voice and community (We may have an exception if the blog is actually great)
  • Generally, no “Under Construction” or brand new sites*

* We may feature your project if it’s brand new or if your site is not launched yet in some cases. We’ll be looking at your social media following and MyBlogU community participation (Please see below)

No deal breakers (However these factors may prompt the moderators to improve the request even if they were in a doubt):

  • The solid presence of a personal brand (or brands) on the site. We love helping *people* so we want to see people behind blogs: “About me/us” page, well-written author bylines, even “Contributors” widget would help us recognize people behind your site.
  • Social media shares and comments. While we don’t care about your Google PR and rankings, we do want to see blogs with (maybe little but) active communities around them. Again, we want to help *people*.
    • TipAlso, try using Viral Content Buzz to improve your social media sharing and interactions

What if my project was rejected?

We try to give a detailed reasoning behind each rejection with further steps, but here are some of the rejection reasons for you to be aware of:

  • We don’t allow guest post requests in Brainstorm section. Sorry, we have a separate project for that called @MyBlogGuest
  • For now, we don’t allow generic “Website Feedback” projects in the Brainstorm section. If you need a generic site feedback, please use this forum. Please read examples of brainstorm requests we are encouraging.
  • If your site was rejected because it’s too new, please work with us on making it more established:
    • Use Viral Content Buzz
    • Grow your MyBlogU user rank by helping others. We do make lots of exceptions for our active users, plus by participating you’ll be quickly becoming a better blogger.
    • Get featured in group interviews, participate in Twitter chat, participate in our challenges (which we hope will be regular events!): Use all sorts of activities we are offering to help you quicker grow your blog and your personal brand.

THANKS for being with us while we are entering our month #4

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