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Awesome Online Marketing Opportunities with #MyBlogU: Diversify!

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Awesome Online Marketing Opportunities with #MyBlogU: Diversify!There’s one fundamental idea behind MyBlogU: Together we are stronger. We work on all sorts of collaboration features and we let you choose which ones you like best but it’s actually unbelievable how many opportunities open up thanks to a basic opportunity to collaborate.

This article aims at curating all sorts of online marketing tasks MyBlogU can help you with. The list will be growing thanks to all sorts of things our team and community will be coming up with, so stay tuned!

Create Better Content

This is the most obvious one: MyBlogU was created to give you access to the multitude of opinions, original angles, fresh ideas, expert quotes, etc.

How MyBlogU works

You can use MyBlogU to:

  • Collect unique angles from real people to create original and fresh content (Something that hasn’t been discussed before!)
  • Collect expert quotes to create more indepth content featuring varied opinions from recognized niche influencers
  • Improve your draft by allowing approved contributors to add more examples, paragraphs, lists, etc
  • Have your articles proof-read for free

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Grow Your Social Media Following

  • Grow Twitter interactions: Get thanked for your help on Twitter
  • Get your content retweeted by your contributors
  • Generate links to your Twitter profile

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Build Community Around Your Blog

Build Community Around Your Blog

How to get people become part of your community in our era of too many communities? How to get them stick to yours when there’s such a variety of social media networks and blogs to spend time at?

Use MyBlogU!

  • Use @MyBlogU to Find Your Collaborators: MyBlogU has a very useful auto-notifying email system that keeps your contributors updated on the whole process
  • Invite Your Collaborators to Comment and Share: Make sure to thank all of your contributors and collaborators right in your article: That’s how you draw them to your site!

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Build Your Personal Brand & Manage Your Reputation

Your brand is your biggest asset! Build it once and it will help you for a lifetime. MyBlogU helps you get cited on blogs and social media: Our community makes you an authority!

  • Get featured in expert interviews
  • Grow your brand on Twitter
  • Get listed in the writer’s database

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Improve & Diversify Your Visual Strategy

MyBlogU is not only for text content. We realize the importance of visual content and want to help you create all sorts of media assets for your brand:

  • Find guests for your video / podcast interviews (Or become a featured guest!)
  • Find quotes to create awesome Slideshare presentations!
  • Discover More Concepts for Your Logo
  • Ask for Infographics Concept or Design Help

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Add variety to your content marketing with MyBlogU

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    I’m looking forward to the “Launch a new website” challenge! Time to get into action.

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    Ann, thank you for sharing this fabulous blog. It was extremely informative. MyBlogU surely speaks of the strength of working together. There are several bloggers who have benefited through it. Your screenshots add to the value of the information you have shared.

  3. Awesome ideas you shared ann, this is very helpful blog to all online readers. Now I am also contributing blogs with #MyBlogU

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