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Your New Blog Pre-Launch Checklist #MyBlogU

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Blog pre-launchMyBlogU community aims at helping ALL bloggers: established ones who strive to save time or breath a new life into their blogs, newer bloggers who struggle to see real results from their blogging effort and even those people who just plan to become bloggers.

Today we are helping the latter: Here’s your no-panic no-investment guide to launching your blog.

First of all, let’s thank our awesome @MyBlogU members and contributors to this checklist: Cendrine Marrouat @cendrinemedia, Enstine Muki @enstinemuki, Steve Counsell @EP_pturner, Gary Dek @startablog123

***Please add your own tips by tweeting them to #MyBlogU hashtag stream and you’ll be included into this list!

Here Your Blog Pre-Launch Steps

    • A good way to start on the right track is to observe competition / fellow niche bloggers (choose one/both to your preference) in your field: Read as many blogs as you can! Try to answer the following question: What makes me unique?
    • Take care of basic set-up process: Gary’s blog is the easiest guide to taking care of hosting and set-up. Here’s how to install WordPress.
    • Make sure you have some content to publish before you make it public. I recommend having at least 5 epic articles so your visitors have something real to spend time on.

    • Create your initial editorial calendar: schedule posts well in advance of the date they go live. You can then “fill in” with other types of content
    • Find a good theme and think about your brand identity. Getting consistent with your branding is the second step to becoming unforgettable (next step right after creating outstanding content). Branding may change a bit but your colors and main logo concept will most probably be kept.
      • Nowadays you have free / cheap tools and resources for that: @Fiverr and @Canva are most obvious choices to start with. This seems like a decent list of newest free WordPress theme.

    • MyBlogU for brand identityAsk trusted friends and peers for constructive feedback on everything: blog design, logo, slogan, etc.

  • Contact friends and tell them about the launch. For the most part, they will help in spreading the word about the new new blog.
  • Consider guest blogging and/or building relationships with fellow bloggers.
    • Our older sibling @MyBlogGuest is there to help you with that!

We tried to make the list somewhat minimal not to overwhelm new bloggers but if you can think of more essential steps to take before launching a blog, please let us know!

If you want to get featured in our next Twitter chat, please provide your answers here.

8 Responses so far.

  1. Hello Ann,

    Thank you so much for including me in this roundup. I LOVED the chat yesterday, and will be back for sure.

    Thank you for being so welcoming!

  2. Acord says:

    You now have a short but very informative list. I particularly liked the point – Create your initial editorial calendar. Inspiration and desire to write is good, but also need to have a backup plan because inspiration sometimes ends.

    Does not suit me just one point – Contact friends and tell them about the launch. I run my blog on the Internet and do not want to have someone of my real friends know that I’m blogging. Although it is possible prejudices.

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  6. Really informative article, There’s a ton of good reads on myblogu. Thanks for sharing.

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