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How To Create Effective Blog Roundups #MyBlogU

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How To Create Effective Blog RoundupsThis is the third article in our mini series offering you ideas of some article types you can try to introduce into your blogging editorial calendar. We’ve already covered:

This week we are talking about blogging roundups!

Unlike a resource page, roundups:

  • Are not evergreen resources; on the contrary, they feature most recent fresh content
  • Require continuous commitment (They will only make sense when you do them regularly)

What Is a Blog Roundup?

A blog roundup is a post that is published regularly linking to various articles around the web. The benefits of doing roundups are:

More subscribers…

A regularly done, well-curated blog roundup can be a good incentive to subscribe to your blog for those who are willing to be well-aware of what’s going on in the industry.

More interactions, more connections with fellow bloggers…

Every time you post a link to another site, they get a backlink notification. This will usually bring them over to your site to see why they were mentioned. Obviously, this is a great way to open the lines of communication, and potentially lead to a working relationship in the future.

More social shares…

But my favorite thing that sometimes happens is a blogger with post on social media, or using their own content, to point out that you shared them. This hooks their own audience and sends them your way.

You will see frequent boosts in traffic when you do a blog link roundup, and that is usually the reason why.

Here Are a Few Examples

MyBlogU Tip

Create a monthly Interview project to ask our members to send their favorite links: You can then generate an HTML code and format an article with one click of a button!

Taking Advantage Of The Temporary Boosts

So how do you go about building that long term traffic? First, begin doing regular roundups. Depending on your posting frequency, this can be a weekly or a monthly commitment.

Next, you need to give them something to look at when they get there. Some design choices like a well-branded intro image might help: You want your new readers to remember where they landed.

Finally, you have to use these backlinks as a means of communication. Feature someone a few times, give them a chance to follow back to the source, and then contact them.

Here’s an old (but still a good) guide on linking properly to attract the attention of the right bloggers:

Have any tips for building traffic with blog roundups? Let us know in the comments!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Jonny Pean says:

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the update. I personally have been doing a lot of blog reviews (if not roundups) for my website They’re like those yearly reviews of top 10 finance companies for the year 2013, 2014 and so on. I have personally reached out to bloggers to inform them that their blogs have featured in our top 10 or top 5 list. Most of them chose to respond by giving us mentions in their social channels- a few others, however, chose to remain silent.

    Irrespective of whether one is offering roundups, mashups or the best of web, one needs to ensure that he is including relevant names- not something just for the sake of getting reciprocal links. For instance, today if someone wants to include financewand in his roundup of the top financial blogs of 2016, he should ideally do it only if he feels Financewand has enriched his financial knowhow and would be able to do the same for his others too.

  2. Akoli says:

    Hi Ann,
    First of all, how did I come here?

    I was looking to write a post about the influencers in internet marketing and I found your name among the top 28. Of course this peaked my curiosity and I decided to come over and see who you really are. Well, I’m not disappointed at all.

    The first post I read is something I should be doing on my own site to get the traffic coming and the link with influencers. Thanks for this post.

    Taking inspiration from it, will like to post “The Top 10 Google Pages of the Day about Internet Marketing.” What do you think?

    Thanks, and surely I will be coming back often to learn some more.


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