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Celebrating #MBUstorm Media Partners #MyBlogU

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mbustorm-media-partnersFirst week of autumn we’ve launched our fun and grand initiative: “The Start Your Site and Double Your Money Challenge“. The challenge is free to take part in and offers limitless opportunities: You get a chance to build yourself a new site while enjoying free help, support and coaching.

But the most important thing is motivation (something we all need when starting out new ventures): Watching others progress is highly motivating and inspiring!

We’ve got some awesome support from friends and members of our community. Today’s article is about honoring our media partners, those who helped spread a word!

Blogging about us?

.@ErikEmanuelli Was one of the first to support us: Start a New Site & Double Your Money Challenge: From Zero to Blogging Hero

James McAllister of @HelpStartMySite made an exception for us (he doesn’t usually blog about blogging contests) and covered us here: Double Your Money And Win Prizes In The New MyBlogU Contest!

.@SmallBizTrends gave us overwhelping support and we are very humbled! Please share their coverage here: MyBlogU Contest Invites You To Start a New Site

Gail @GrowMap shared her support here: Start a New Site ~ Double Your Money ~ Win Free Coaching / Hosting

.@Joy_Healey helped spread the word here: Ready To Start A New Site and Double Your Money?

.@Ali_MarCom was very kind to give us a mention here: From Zero to Blogging Hero: #MyBlogU New Site Challenge

.@TomPick supported us and our partners in his quick roundup.

David Leonhardt @amabaie interviewed our first participants and put together a great article: Should you join the #MBUstorm blogging challenge? feat @LuanaTF @ErikEmanuelli @lorihil

Ashley Faulkes @madlemmingz helped us by promoting contest in his newsletter: Subscribe!!!

We have seen huge support from #MBUstorm media partners. So many people blogged about the challenge! Thanks!

Thanks a lot to @maddiegrant for inspiring coverage Here’s Your Opportunity to Start Something Awesome: Join #MBUstorm Blogging Challenge! and to @AnaTrafficCafe for including us into her weekly roundup!

Finally, I posted the announcement at my own blog, Linkedin and Slideshare.

More awesome supporters who helped us with tweets, shares and advice: @alphabetsuccess, @adamsconsulting, @drebeltrami, and many more! Thanks a lot!

MyBlogU for The Users!

Finally, let us share one of the latest testimonials from our awesome community member @EdwinDearborn:

I have seen a direct and positive effect since being an active member in MyBlogU. Without question, my participation has lead to several articles featuring my content and answers on many other member’s blog.

As a writer and a blogger, it can seem daunting on how to go out into the digital world and make those crucial connections that one needs to gain exposure. Moreover, making connections is what social media is all about!

On all counts, MyBlogU has been a game changer. It has become a trusted resource for me to reach out into the world and make my brand better known.

[Please see more MyBlogU testimonials here and share yours here to get featured in our upcoming chats!]

Would you like to be featured here? Tweet your blog post using our official challenge hashtag #MBUstorm

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  1. Acord says:

    Well done, you are constantly coming up with different ideas and initiatives. Cool, you are paying so much attention to mentoring and motivation. If I did not have a website, I would take part).

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