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Complete Your #MyBlogU Account for Lots of Extra Benefits!

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complete MyBlogU accountMyBlogU has a huge connecting potential. We connect bloggers and experts on a very efficient level: based on the mutual help and high-quality content that gets created in the process.

Now, to make the most of its connecting power, you’ll need to do your homework:

Like for any community, the more details you provide when completing your profile, the more connecting benefits you’ll be able to get. People want to connect to people with pictures, hobbies, social media profiles, etc

So let’s do that right now: Go ahead and complete your profile.

1. Upload your avatar

Go: Profile -> Upload Avatar

Upload your avatar

We have no strict rules here but obviously if your picture looks real and human, more people will feel likely to connect to you and help you!

2. Authenticate your social media networks

Go: Profile -> Edit

Authenticate your social media networks

This will give you three important benefits:

  • Your MyBlogU buddies will be more likely to follow you on social media
  • We’ll link to your social media accounts whenever you are replying to an expert interview (So more exposure for you)
  • We’ll let you login to MyBlogU using any of those networks (Easier for you!)

The authentication is perfectly secure and uses official APIs provided by Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.

You can also provide your usernames at StumbleUpon, Pinterest and your official Facebook page and we’ll link to those profiles as well:

social media networks

3. Add more sites!

Go: Profile -> Add / Edit Sites & Tags

Add sites

This is easy: The more sites you add, the more projects you can create. For me personally, this has become a great incentive to actually revive forgotten blogs I abandoned due to lack of time or motivation.

Mind that you can also add your columns where you only contribute without owning editorial permissions.

4. Provide your writer’s info: Get included in our database

Provide your writer's info: Get included in our database

In an effort to give more exposure to our users, we have created the writers’ database where you can be featured. We are asking for your explicit willingness to be listed in the database. In order to get listed, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • If you want your listing to be public (Or you want it to be seen only by MyBlogU logged-in users)
  • If you are available for expert interviews
  • If you are willing to be a one-time or recurring contributor (or both)
  • Link to your home page
  • Link to up to three samples of your articles
  • Any notes (optional)
  • Category and tags that best represent your expertise (That runs the database search engine)

If you get too busy, you’ll be able to keep your listing but mark it as “Not available right now”

Author info

The database is ranked based on MyBlogU user rank: So the more you help others, the higher you are. We hope to build this into a helpful lead referral source for our members! And yes, it’s free!

Good luck building contacts at MyBlogU!

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