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Create an Informative FAQ For Your WordPress Blog #MyBlogU

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Create an Informative FAQ For Your WordPress BlogThis whole month at our Twitter lessons we are going to discuss all types of useful content you should create for your blog over time. These are essential for your site success and can help grow it organically.

The first type of such content is a niche FAQ (a section for frequently asked questions).

People ask all kinds of questions online every second: If you are able to answer them instantly on your blog, you win! Answer most specific questions, answer various slightly different questions: Provide useful actionable answers, become THE resource.

For those who have WordPress blogs, I feel there is no excuse to neglect the FAQ page. It is so incredibly easy to create one.

Start Collecting and Researching the Questions

A new MyBlogU Brainstorm is a good way to start: Simply ask our members which questions they usually ask related to your main topic.

SERPstat is a great keyword research tool that lets you find questions people tend to type in the search box.


Surveying your visitors to collect what they would like to read about is another great idea. You can use a simple tool like SurveyMonkey.

Search Twitter for more ideas (Interact with those who ask questions to build connections underway!). You can try and play with different filters:

[keyword ? -filter:links]

keyword ? -filter:links

keyword ? -infilter:links -http

The beauty of this one is that:

  • It filters all the tweets to those containing questions
  • It filters out tweets with links (so you get to see only real unlinked conversations)

Twitter questions

WordPress Plugins

If you have, and so can fully customize your site, it is worth installing an FAQ related plugin that will guide you through the process of making a more attractive information page.

My personal favorite is Quick & Easy FAQ’s. The reason why is probably obvious from the title. It is extremely simple to use, and it gives you a few formatting options, such as list and toggle. You don’t have to be a WordPress whiz to figure this one out.

Another couple good ones are Arconix FAQ for a basic toggle style format that has a really casual feel to it, and WP Awesome FAQ Plugin, which is better for advanced users.

Create Video FAQ’s

I love video tutorials. So I am thrilled to see it being put into practice on websites that want an FAQ with a bit more zest. You can create a series of little clips (or a long one with shortcodes to specific times in the description) that tells visitors all they need to know.

Another similar option is to make little animated gifs showing the answers to questions, and post them down the page. I have only seen this done a few times, but it was done really well. They had expanded sections under header titles that could be dropped down to shown a visual representation of the question. Here’s how to create those.


As you can see, you have several ways to make an FAQ, and these are only three of them. You can do just about anything that sounds interesting to you. It is just a matter of your own creativity.

Don’t try to create anything huge at one sitting: Building up a FAQ resource is a continuous effort. Keep adding questions and answers as you discover them, add media (videos, GIFs) to old posts and work on creating an ultimate resource.

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