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Create Pages You Can Control: Social Media Accounts: #Reputation Series #MyBlogU

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Create Pages You Can Control: Social Media Accounts: #Reputation Series #MyBlogUThis is the third chat in our #myblogu #reputationmanagement series so far. We’ve already talked about what your branded search results consist of and how to sort your search results to develop a strategy.

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A huge part of Google reputation management process is to create and promote those pages you can control and rank. In many cases these will be public social media profiles featuring your name, public resume, connections, etc.

Creating solid online presence by claiming your (brand) name on social media platforms means carefully building up off-site brand assets. As an additional incentive, you can also use those assets to build your follower-base, discover additional marketing channels and talk back to your audience.

Claiming your (brand) name is not enough though. Each social media profile you set up will require steps to complete for it to look trustworthy and authentic. No empty profiles will rank well in Google!.

Here are some generic steps for setting up most of your social media profiles:

  • Choose one solid profile image and use it everywhere you register an account. This will ensure people will soon start recognizing you and follow you. The best profile picture is a good high-quality headshot.
  • Use exact-match usernames (your username should be exactly the same as your full name)
  • Always complete the “Full Name” field: Stick to ONE version of your full name (no occasional middle name, no occasional short names: Pick your best-known name and stick to it everywhere)
  • Enable custom URLs where possible (those help your profiles rank)

Custom username

  • Always complete “Description” (“About me”) field making sure you have at least 200 words of good original content there (Unless there’s a character limit). Write a different description each time mentioning your interests, areas of expertise, accomplishments, favorite books, etc. Original content helps your public profile rank higher.
  • Interlink your profiles: Whenever possible, link to your other personal pages when creating a new profile; thus you both co-promote all your profile pages and give more information about yourself. This will encourage your new contacts to follow you on other social networks too!

More Social Media Profile Management Tips

With the ability to create plenty of online profiles comes the necessity to maintain all of them effectively. Here are a few tips on managing your online social media profiles:

  1. Bookmark all your profiles to a separate folder in your browser: This is the easiest way to access them fast;
  2. Use (semi-)automated posting services like @DrumUp and mass-scheduling services like @MavSocial to update your social media accounts consistently. A social media profile is unlikely to rank unless they maintain some sort of activity
  3. Use @Knowem to discover more places where you can claim your brand name

More Pages You Can Control…

In May we talked about more types of pages that will turn useful for your reputation management:

Also creating brand assets will help in your reputation management efforts too!

Setting up your social media profiles takes time and patience. Don’t try to do everything: Start with the major ones and branch out moderately as you proceed.

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