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Enhance Your Visual Content Strategy with #MyBlogU

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Enhance Your Visual Content Startegy with #MyBlogUIt’s a very common question: Can MyBlogU be used to collaborate on other types of content apart from text content.

The short answer is yes

A longer answer is, MyBlogU is so flexible: You can use it to find all sorts of collaborators for all sorts of assets you are building.

To give you some inspiration, let me list just a few examples:

How MyBlogU Can Help Enhance Your Visual Marketing

1. Find Guests For Your Podcast or Video Interview Series

This is the most obvious one: If you are doing regular podcasts or videos, MyBlogU is your great additional source of guests. We have experts of all kinds, so create a new project and let them apply.

On the other hand, MyBlogU offers you to participate in video interviews and thus to better learn the process. Our platform is the unique way to become a featured guest even if you are not a huge influencer yet!

Here’s one great example to apply: Become #SociaCafe featured guest:

Become #SociaCafe featured guest

We let our members grow together!

2. Images: Ask for Infographics Design Help

Are you building an infographic but seem to be missing a cool concept or interesting data? Ask our community to do some research for you! You’ll get some unexpected results, guaranteed!

3. Slideshare: Find Quotes for Your Slideshare Presentation

Visual quoting is huge! If you are writing an article, ask our users to provide some catchy “tweetable quotes” on the topic and then:

  • Embed them in the article as tweetable quotes
  • Create visual quotes using a tool like Canva
  • Put all those visuals together in a cool Slideshare presentation. Slideshare crowd loves quotes!
  • To diversify a bit, try using Animoto from time to time to create inspirational videos instead of Slideshare presentations.

That’s the process @ShobhaPonnappa was describing at our recent #VCBuzz Twitter chat.

Visual content marketing with MyBlogU

Suddenly you have many more channels you can promote to and many more assets to promote!

Searching for your brand identity is tough. What you seem to associate with your brand name may be exactly the opposite of what your future customer will

MyBlogU is the free way to ask the crowd of strangers how to best visualize your brand message in a logo. Just create a new project and ask the users to send you their creative ideas.

The beauty of collaboration concept when it comes to visual marketing is the ability to diversify. By participating in other users’ visual projects, you’ll get to know more types of content you can create.

On the other hand, you can invite MyBlogU members to send you sketches, ideas and thoughts and thus will be able to discover various ways to design your graphics.

You’ll feel more inspired than ever! And inspiration is the most important thing when it comes to visual marketing where one thing can be visually conveyed in millions of different ways!

Good luck creating awesome (visual) content!

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  1. Kelly Clover says:

    Both of my websites used doctored versions of WordPress themes. One uses a doctored version of the 2012 theme, the other a doctored version of the 2014 theme. So far I have been losing money on both commercial websites. On the 2014 theme, I figured out how to remove the content sidebar from the product and shop pages, but can’t get the space occupied by the sidebar closed up.
    At the present time I am looking into the possibility of selling on Amazon. Is this a good idea or a rotten idea?

    • annsmarty says:

      I’ve never made money on Amazon to be honest and I’ve heard it’s not easy… What are you going to market on Amazon?

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