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How to Get Your @MyBlogU Expert Interview Retweeted Like Crazy #myblogu

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get retweeted with group inyerviewsOne of our early users @news4track has an idea of calling @MyBlogU the

Practical Social Network. No need to a prior creation of circles or connections, you can immediately become involved in a project or submit one” [Google-translate his great review of MBU as well!] is willing to help you on multiple levels: Develop your content, connect you to experts, help you brainstorm, and of course “socialize” your content by making it share-friendlier.

Today, let’s see how you can get your page retweeted if you add a group interview component to your content:

1. Enable “Twitter chats” option

Twitter interview@MyBlogU has a cool feature that lets you hold a Twitter chat after the main interview is live.

The team will help in setting it up, so don’t worry about that: We’ll send instructions, help you determine the time and hashtag and update the interview participants.

We recommend holding the Twitter chat AFTER you publish the interview because this way you’ll get more shares for your original post.

Twitter chats attract followers of your participants, so it will give additional exposure to your article as well as your interviewees as well: win-win!

2. Mark your interview as published

Mark your interview as publishedOnce you select the expert answers you would like to include into your interview, you’ll be given an easy HTML to copy-paste into your blog editor.

Of course you would like to edit and format your interview to make the most of it: Add images, maybe more answers you collected elsewhere, intro and confusion, etc

Once you publish your interview, don’t forget to go back to MBU (My Interviews) and mark it as published!

This will give you two important benefits:

  1. All URLs from MBU are fed into to accumulate natural shares for your published piece. I manually pre-moderate all those URLs to make sure it meets VCB standards as well as all the interviewees were credited for their opinions.
  2. Auto-notify all the participants: Once you mark the interview as published, there will be an email sent to all the participants updating them on the status. Naturally, most of the participants will be happy to tweet it to their followers as well!

3. Inline tweets

in-line tweetAnother tip is to set up “Inline Tweet-this” buttons that will keep driving your participants and experts back to your page.

Here’s a good example of the MBU group interview with in-line tweets referencing the interviewee.

Here are three ways to set up in-line tweets: None of them is time-consuming especially if you make them part of your blogging routine!

Collect expert opinions, publish viral group interviews and get retweeted with @MyBlogU!


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