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Collaborate on Article Drafts: Introducing #MyBlogU Articles!   arrow

MyBlogU offers a good set of collaboration and brainstorming tools:

Today we are officially introducing a new tool in your arsenal: Article Collaboration

Article Collaboration

Working together on drafts

Let’s say you have an article draft that you’ve always meant to complete but never had time to…

Let’s say you have an article draft that seems to be missing any originality or “meat”…

Let’s say you can’t come up with a better, catchier, “more viral” title for your article…

Let’s say you have an article draft that seems to be missing interesting visuals and tools…

Go ahead and upload it to MyBlogU Articles section and add your own comments what kind of help you are looking for.

Please read my own earlier case study here: How to Write a Great Article Even When It Doesn’t Seem to Work

The platform lets you invite collaborators to your drafts asking them to:

  • Suggest a better (catchier) title for your article
  • Add a section or several sections that you may have missed
  • Add resources they see fit (videos, infographics, etc)
  • Correct any mistakes they may have spotted and you have missed
  • …Pretty much anything else you need help with…

Inviting collaborators / editors to your draft

Once your article draft is saved there, you can easily invite collaborators and editors: Search MyBlogU users by tags or choose from best-rated members.

You can also invite any of your friends using “email option”

Inviting collaborators / editors to your draft

You’ll also get editing applications from users you didn’t invite but you’ll be able to approve / reject any!

Reviewing collaborators’ notes

The invited and approved collaborators will start sending you notes and suggest snippets of text to add to the article.

You’ll be able to approve (and edit if needed) all the notes or reject them.

Reviewing collaborators' notes

All approved snippets will be added to the final HTML code which you can grab to publish on your own blog or elsewhere at any time.

Finding people who care about your article!

Once an editor’s note is approved, he/she becomes the approved collaborator which means he/she will get automatic email once your article goes live anywhere on the web.

This means, they will go ahead and share your article around and comment on the actual result of that collaboration.

That means, you’ll have people who care about your article: You are no longer alone!

You’ll see more shares and interactions for your MyBlogU collaborated content than any other content you published previously.

You’ll learn to love your blog again!

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