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How to Deal with Missed Deadlines and Non-Replying Members? #MyBlogU   arrow

I get this question from time to time:

“I sent this user my interview answer three weeks ago. The interview is past deadline now but I haven’t heard back yet!”

Having grown a few communities, I must admit this is something we’ll have to accept. People get sick, blown away by day job, busy… they may have personal issues, they may have gone away traveling,… There are so many reasons why people may go MIA..

That’s something that’s going to happen and please don’t feel bad about those fellow community members. After all, we never know what’s holding them back!

Having said that, there are still ways to avoid or minimize cases of non-response:

1. [Brainstorms] Pay attention to the User’s Response Rate

This feature has been suggested by our brand ambassador @YoavEzer and we love it!


We give any project 2 weeks: If the project creator hasn’t replied to any ideas after that, his/her “Response rate” drops.

Once the pending ideas are reviewed (Approved, rejected, requested a follow-up), the response rate grows.

The response rate is for the user (ALL her/his projects), not for an individual project. So if you want to fix your response rate, you need to review ALL pending ideas (you can do so here)

Note: If the user hasn’t have ANY ideas to approve / reject in the past 2 weeks, there will be no response rate found on the project listing

2. [Brainstorm and Interviews] Mind the Last Login Date

We display this information for each project:


So if you know today’s date, it will be easy to figure out if the user has recently logged in to the site.

Note: The user may have used the site through our official plugin, so he may have been active without actually logging in.

3. [User profile] Check the User Rankings

MyBlogU User Rank consists of lots of actions this user has taken, including the ideas and interviews he/she published (NOT just reviewed but actually marked as published).


This is a great way to tell how actively the user has been reviewing and publishing MyBlogU users’ submissions!

4. [User profile] Follow up on Social Media

Many of our users connect their social media accounts to MyBlogU to be able to build up their interactions and Klout. Just check the user’s profile page and quickly follow up on your preferred social media site (Twitter is the easiest for that)

Emails may go to spam. PMs are easy to miss as well. An alternative method to follow-up may be a good idea. Plus, you’ll get a chance to make a friend with that person on social media!

5. Contact us

Our team will be happy to help you get in touch with MyBlogU users. Our powers are still limited but we’ll do our best!

If you have more ideas on how to minimize non-response cases, please let us know!

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