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How to Pause a Brainstorm Project #MyBlogU   arrow

One of a most frequent questions we get asked at MyBlogU is “How do I stop ideas coming but keep the old ideas before I can use them” or “How do I pause/archive the projects without approving the ideas (because I haven’t yet used them)”

Why Cannot I Archive a Project Without Approving / Rejecting Ideas?

Let us first explain why we require approving / rejecting all the ideas before archiving the project: We strive more communication between the project owner and the contributors.

If you could shelve a project with active ideas in it, it would be too easy to forget about ever updating the contributors on the status before starting a new project.

MyBlogU members help each other for free: The least you can do is to reply to them promptly saying if you think the idea or the quote would work for you.

Here’s How to Pause a MyBlogU Project

You don’t need to use the idea in content right now: We understand that brainstorming and inspiration often need time before they result in the content. Approving an idea is a way to say “Thanks”!

  • If you cannot provide a link to the published content now, you can still approve the idea (Thus giving the user heads-up) and say that you’ll provide the link later.
  • If you plan to use the idea in your article:
    • Add a “To-Do” item with the future article title.
    • This will email you the reminder that you were planning to write an article (Another incentive to get this done!)
    • Also, using “To-Do filter”, you’ll be able to find those ideas you were planning to use in that article!
    • Please read more about “To-Do” items here: #MyBlogU Idea Database: Your Ultimate Free Writing Productivity Tool

MyBlogU will send you an email when the reminder is due

  • Then archive the project.
  • Once your article is live, you’ll go to your brainstorm archive and use “Provide URL” field to copy-paste the URL. This will send another email to each user automatically!

Pause MyBlogU Project

Use this field to provide the URL to the published content where you used this specific idea (and properly credited the contributor). This will:

  • Send an email update to the idea author
  • Increase your MBU rank!

Yes, these steps mean that you’ll need to go back to update the status a few times but keep in mind that someone may be waiting to hear from you on what they contributed. Let’s keep each other updated! The more communication, the stronger the relationships! That’s what’s building our community!

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