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How to Receive More Ideas and Contributions to Your #MyBlogU Project   arrow

When you create a new Brainstorm or Interview project, you never know how many ideas you are going to get.

Some requests sparkle so many ideas that they just keep going. Others may remain pretty inactive and there can be various reasons for that:

  • MyBlogU doesn’t have too many people who actually know the topic (Or this category has too few subscribers)
  • Your question is unclear and people are concerned as to what you need
  • You sent your request over the weekend or during the holidays and most people were away or too busy to brainstorm!

If you wait for a couple of days and see that your project isn’t receiving too many contributions, here’s what you can do:

Update Your Project

MyBlogU update

In many cases, MyBlogU members may be unsure what you expect, so they just shy away from contributing.

Consider tweaking:

  • Title and description to make them more specific (maybe provide some examples)
  • Tags
  • Deadline (for interview projects)

Not only will this help more people understand what you mean, this will also bump your project on top giving it more visibility.

MyBlogU users will also be notified of it in their email digests

Tweak the Category Project

MyBlogU change category

Please make sure the project is submitted to the most relevant category: Our users are subscribed to the categories they specialize in, so once you change the category, this project will get included in the next email digest.

Sometimes one project can fit into several categories, so it’s a good idea to give one category a chance for a couple of days and then try changing it to another one.

Let Us Help!

Please contact us and we’ll help find some experts! Our mods will get back to you with some recommendations on how to edit the project to make it clearer. They will also suggest your project to some interested folks to help generate some buzz.

What To Do with Ideas that Keep Coming?

Here are some creative ways you can use MyBlogU ideas and quotes:

  • Update your currently live article with more tips (Thus creating an “ultimate continuously-updated resource”)
  • Create a follow up article sharing more tips
  • Break the tips into newsletter blasts
  • Create a series of “bite-sized” tips on your blog, etc

Do you have your own tips on how to generate more ideas using MyBlogU? Found some hacks? Please share them!

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