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Expert Interviews: How to Use MyBlogU Group Interviews Feature?   arrow


Blog Expert Interviews is the section where you can:

  • Request others’ opinions on the topic you are working on;
  • Contribute your own experience / take / case study to others’ requests

Expert interviews have been one of the most effective ways to create content that goes viral:

  • It’s a great way to get cited on various blogs and show your expertise on the topic
  • All the contributors are willing to share your article where they were featured
  • Readers love seeing the article author did their homework and cited different opinions from the industry experts

Group expert interviews section is the great source of free content to enhance your article as well as connect to industry experts and content creators.

Here’s how it works in more details:

Group expert interviews are a great way to connect to influencers, build you brand and diversify your blog content.

On the one hand, it’s a great way to add high-quality (and trusted!) content to your blog while engaging those people who shared quotes to promote it.

On the other hand, being featured in the group interview is a great way to build your personal brand and get cited.

MyBlogU “Expert Interviews” feature makes collecting quotes and participating in group interviews much easier.

To add your interview request:

  • Please add and verify your blog (for your interviewees to know where their quotes are going to)
  • Go to MyBlogU Interviews tab and click “Submit your interview request”

There, you’ll need to give your interview request title, tags, deadline, minimum number of words, category and a short description

Then please add the actual questions that our members will be answering.

  • MyBlogU users will be requested to answer all or any of those questions (whichever they like)
  • Don’t add too many questions, as members will not answer all of them.
  • Keep your questions intriguing and interesting to get better answers

Mind that MyBlogU group interviews feature can also be used to get a quick quote for your upcoming article to make it look more trustworthy and professional.

Once you have enough answers (or once the interview is past deadline), you can select the answers you like and generate the HTML to embed them in your blog editor

Only answers longer than 200 words will go through the built-in duplicate content checker to make sure they are original, so we encourage our members to check the originality using a search engine.

To do that, simply grab a sentence from the answer, put it inside the parenthesis and search your preferred search engine.

Once you publish your interview or your article containing quotes, provide the URL inside MyBlogU. This will notify our users of the published interview and encourage them to share it with their social media followers!

Here you go! You have a cool, viral and original article for your blog! That’s a great way to build readership and traffic!

Participating in group interviews is one of the most “unintrusive” ways to get your name out there. You put yourself in the spotlight and position yourself as an expert in the niche by being listed in the blog article as the author of the quote

To participate…

Go through the available interviews and click “Add your answers” button. You’ll need to first specify your name, title and site URL – these will be used for quote attribution.

You can select a question (or a few questions) to contribute to or you can answer all of them.

When typing your answer, keep an eye on the word counter to stay within the specified word limit.

Once your interview is live, don’t forget to share it with your micro community via social media!

Good luck getting featured!

The best part is, this feature is absolutely free!


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