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How to Use MyBlogU “Brainstorm” Feature?   arrow


“Brainstorm” feature is pre-moderated meaning that the editors will be reviewing your request and, if necessary, ask for revisions. We might reject your request because we prefer this section to feature more established sites and bloggers. If your blog is new and you were rejected, please don’t be offended: Join our forums and we’ll help you grow!

The best thing about MyBlogU “Brainstorm” feature is that it’s really flexible. You get to decide which kind of help you really need.


  • Request ideas and unique angles (For example, if you are writing about Facebook Advertising, you may found that this topic has been largely covered already all over the place, so ask our members how you may make it a unique and truly original idea)
  • Request to share related tools and resources (Finding a unique and helpful tool is not easy. You can ask our members to share what they are actually using and what problems this tool is solving)


  • If you are planning to write an article by a set day, specify the deadline in the Request title
  • Always be very specific: The more details you give, the more chances there are your request will be found by our members using “Search” feature

This section will be largely improved over the next future months. See some ideas we are going to work on here.

Please tweet your feature ideas to @MyBlogU and they will be added!

How “Brainstorm” works in more detail:

MyBlogU Brainstorm is the free feature that lets you crowd-source your content ideas. Use it whenever you hit the writer’s block or whenever you feel like you need a more unique angle.

Nowadays that everything has already been covered, it is hard to stand out. The “Brainstorm” section of MyBlogU helps you pick other people’s brains and get inspired.

Additionally you can help others brainstorm as well and get cited for being helpful!

To start a new brainstorming project:

  • Add and verify the blog – this is how our members will see what you are looking for help for
  • Then, go: Brainstorm -> and click Submit a New Project button

You can ask for any brainstorming help you want. For example, “I am covering WordPress plugins and I am not sure what to blog about. There are too many and everything has been written so far”. Or, “I am running a Technology blog, please help with some unique angles for ”Google search” topic

* Make sure to add a good description mentioning any specific info that would help our members. For example, “My blog traffic comes mostly from Google and I noticed that my old article on Advanced Google Search operators is getting some good referral search traffic, so I want to post a follow-up but I don’t want to cover the same topic.”

Also add as many tags as you feel necessary. Remember that a good description and relevant tags will help our members to find your request.

Once your project is added, a moderator will review it to make sure it looks good and most likely approve it.

Once approved, you project will start receiving ideas. Feel free to keep your project active for as long as you want. You are likely to get quite a few ideas for writing several articles thanks to our members.

Mind that all the approved and rejected ideas will be saved in your archive, so you can always get back to the collection to re-use any.

Please do approve any idea that you use in your articles. This way you will notify the users of your published article and encourage them to go ahead and share it across their social media accounts.

We want you to both get inspired and build traffic and relationships as well!

You can also help others: Just browse the Brainstorm section of MyBlogU and see where your expertise and experience may come in handy. Feel free to share related links, stats and screenshots.

For example, you could share a screenshot of the interesting Google Search result and suggest the author write about all different ways Google gives your instant answers right within the search results. Isn’t that a great idea?

Let’s brainstorm together! Together we are better and stronger!


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