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Free Image Marketing Tools: Visual Marketing April #MyBlogU

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Free Image Marketing Tools: Visual MarketingLast time we listed some of the best free image creation and editing tools to enhance your visual marketing.

And today let’s see how we can market those awesome images we create to promote our buzz and diversify our blog marketing tactics.

MavSocial: Schedule Visual Updates to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, & Instagram

MavSocial is a social media scheduling multi-platform with a huge focus on visual marketing.

The reasons I prefer MavSocial over other similar platforms are:

  • It’s absolutely free (It may have some limits for a free account which I never exceeded)
  • It supports quite an original set of social media networks including Tumblr and Instagram

MavSocial scheduling feature is very easy to use: Select networks you want to schedule to, upload an image and set the date.


MavSocial will post a “visual update” (It will be posted as a “photo” to Facebook), so it’s likely to get more exposure than your regular facebook updates.

My scheduling routine usually looks like this:

  • Twice to Facebook and Related Facebook Pages: Once for the weekend and once a few weeks ahead
  • Twice to Linkedin and Linkedin Company Pages: Once for Friday morning and once a few weeks ahead
  • 3-4 times to Twitter making sure I select different time of the day each time and use a different wording / format for a tweet. Here are some ideas.
  • Once to Tumblr
  • Once to Instagram company profile

Tweet Jukebox: Rotate Image Promotion on Twitter

Tweet Jukebox is a nice little addition to my Twitter marketing toolset. We’ve discussed it over at #VCBuzz chat. The main thing is not to overuse it because it makes it too easy to schedule dozens of articles in a row.

I have a separate “box” where I add my most important visual updates. Based on my set schedule, the tool takes one tweet at a time and posts it to my Twitter feed. Once it reaches the end of the box, it will start all over again.

This way I make sure my images get to Twitter again and again. I have been very careful with my Tweet Jukebox schedule making sure it doesn’t publishes tweets too often and mostly on days when I don’t work much (weekends).

Tweet Jukebox

Tweet Jukebox is free as long as you maintain two boxes overall (Which turned out quite enough for me).

Viral Content Buzz: Get Others Pin Your Articles

ViralContentBuzz brings your content in front of eager social media users who come there to discover content to share.

It supports Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and Pinterest.

Pinterest is the most visual-friendly component of the platform that really has no competitors (There’s no other way to get your images pinned by others)

To get your images pinned, select “Pinterest” when adding the project and copy-paste the full image URL to be posted to Pinterest.

You’ll be notified by email when your content pinned. You can also see how your images are being pinned using “Interactions” tab. Make sure to like and comment on these pins to help them get more exposure and connect to your promoters.

Viral Content Buzz

More Visual Marketing Ideas

Slideshare: Re-Package Images to Promote Them Further

Slideshare is a great way to give your images a second life. I don’t know a single third-party platform that helps in Slideshare promotion, so I am just listing it here.

Grab your screenshots or visual quotes and put them together into a nice presentation. After that you can use the scheduling routine above to promote it as a separate asset as well.

Example: Grow Twitter Presence with MyBlogU

Here is a handy traffic generation checklist for Slideshare marketing:

  • Find an old presentation from the past event you were speaking at… More ideas for Slideshare content:
    • Put together a quick presentation using screenshots from your article or visual quotes from people you follow on Twitter;
    • Make a public version of a private case study…
  • Edit your presentation using PowerPoint (Insert -> Hyperlink menu)
    • Tip: You can link the whole slide if you use an image background
  • Slideshare allows clickable links starting from Slide 4, so don’t bother to add links within slides 1-3
  • Use one of the intro slides to let viewers know that slides are clickable (example)
  • Publish your presentation on Slideshare and use these tips to generate views.
    • Tip: It’s not hard to get your fresh presentation “featured” by Slideshare, so push your upload on social media actively the first day you publish it!

ThinkLink: Turn Your Images into Curated List of Links

ThinkLink is a newer way to promote your images, especially when it comes infographics. You can annotate sections of your image to add links and explanation and then promote it as a separate asset as well!

Example: MyBlogU Helps You Create Better Content

Here are more re-packaging ideas:

Are there any other image marketing tools we are missing? Please share!

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