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Great Visual Marketing Examples on a Budget #MyBlogU

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Visual Marketing ExamplesSo we’ve covered a few of the best free image creation and visual marketing tools.

Now, let’s try to list some examples of the actual visual marketing tactics to get our inspiration flowing!

I didn’t want to list any huge campaigns that would require huge budgets or whole teams to implement.

Instead, let’s look at some small but very creative visual marketing tactics you can learn from to create something similar right away!

1. FirstSiteGuide: Cartoonize to Stand out & Create Consistent Design


FirstSiteGuide successfully combines influencer marketing (expert interviews with prominent bloggers) with visual marketing (marketing cartoonized version of those author pictures) that helps them achieve a consistent design.

This way they make those profile pictures more original and sharable while still recognizable.

2. #Pubcon: Use Visual Quotes to Get Influencers Promote Your Testimonials

Pubcon is doing a great job visualizing speakers’ quotes and marketing them on social media, one by one, tagging each author on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Visualize your contributors' quotes

[Example of a visual quote done by a brand and tagging an influencer on Twitter]

That’s a great (almost irresistible) way to get your brand testimonial retweeted by that influencer!

3. ViralContentBuzz: Use Mascots to Expand Your Marketing Channels and Build Loyalty

Viral Content BuzzViralContentBuzz is marketing a mascot, a little animated bee that answers users’ questions, came from the “buzz” word in the brand name and with time it became the most essential connection among all our marketing elements:

  • Our video instructions are led by the bee
  • Our site “PRO packages” are called “Honey bee” and “Busy bee”
  • Our slogans and ads incorporate the bee as well: “Bee awesome”, “Bee popular”, etc.

Amazingly, having a mascot actually encourages you to get more creative inspiring various ways to integrate the character into the marketing strategy.

4. @MadLemmingz: Create Consistently Looking Article Intro Images to Stand Out


Ashley Faulkes @madlemmingz is one of the best examples of Canva designing in action. His blog images look amazingly consistent. They catch an eye while creating a consistent branded look.

Ashley talked a bit about his visual marketing tactics at our #VCBuzz Twitter chat.

Another great example of consistent and tasteful blog article intro image design is Blogging Wizard.

5. #CMWorld & #SemrushChat: Visualize Twitter Chat Questions to Get More People Participate

Content Marketing Institute has a great visual marketing strategy around their regular Twitter chats. They do lots of images posting questions as visual updates.


#SEMrushchat is also doing a great job at using visuals to market their chats:


Are there more great visual marketing examples that don’t require huge budgets? Please share them in the comments!

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  1. Comment by: Stephen Walker

    I have encountered Ashley Faulkes before and he is a very prolific and successful blogger

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