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Here’s How to Create and Promote an Epic Article: Step by Step Cheatsheet #MyBlogU

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epic-articleWe offer lots of tools and trainings. It is easy to get overwhelmed! This article is an attempt to put some of our efforts together while NOT overwhelming you with a 1000-word tutorial.

So here you go: Your simplest, yet most actionable step-by-step guide on how to bring your blog traffic through the roof (download the pdf / ppt cheatsheet at the end. Most slides are clickable there for you to quickly get more info)!

Brainstorming & Research

1. Generate and store content ideas using MyBlogU Brainstorm

2. If one of the ideas needs more opinions, quotes, create an expert Interview Request

3. Browse through related Media to find some creative angles using Media Gallery

4. Create content brainstorming dashboards to catch and collect more ideas

Writing & publishing

5. Think over the structure before writing: I usually start with subheadings and then fill content in

6. Think of the ways you can re-package your content to reach wider audience

7. Write the introduction and the description at the end.

8. Create awesome original images (here are the tools!)

9. Format the piece to include Tweet quotes (here’s how)

10. Link to people you mentioned: Remember links and social media tagging = most efficient relationship marketing tactics!

Mark your interview as publishedMarketing

11. After publishing, submit the URL of the article to your MyBlogU project ideas and Interview request

12. Add your article to Viral Content Buzz to start seeing shares right away!

13. Tweet it and schedule tweets tagging everyone you mentioned for a couple of days ahead.

14. Schedule a few more tweets (here’s how to re-share on Twitter without being repetitive) for different days and times of the day (two weeks ahead)

15. Share on Google Plus and Facebook business pages

16. Re-share to your personal profile FROM your business pages (This way, your followers will see your business hover-over card = better branding)

17. Check Viral Content Buzz interactions DAILY to like and comment on people’s updates sharing your URL. Follow people sharing your content = grow your network and Klout score!

18. Check Google Ripples daily for a week: Like and thank every Google Plus update (as well as add those Google Plus users to circles). Here’s a browser bookmarklet for that

19. Reply to thank for each comment on your blog post. Try to follow those who comment on social media.

20. Create a re-packaged version of your content, upload it to Youtube, Slideshare, etc, link to your initial article and start from #11

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