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How Helps You Write More Articles #GTD #MyBlogU

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How Helps You Write More Articles #GTD #MyBlogUThere’s one problem bloggers and writers face on a regular basis: Lack of motivation to keep moving on. When you control your own time and tasks, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. As a result, your own sites get neglected and you barely keep up with your client work (or day job)

MyBlogU is committed to solve this problem. It can actually boost your productivity and you may find yourself writing much more articles while seeing them doing much better on social media.

MyBlogU is about helping you produce more content… but not only that: It’s about helping you produce more and more awesome content (which is the most important part)

Since we are in the middle of our New Year’s challenge, we figured chatting about getting things done and getting productive with that will make much sense.

So let’s see how MyBlogU can help us become much more efficient and, more importantly, successful writers:

1. Never feel stuck

This happens to the best of us: You know you have too little time and you just can’t do anything because you feel overwhelmed and stuck.

Now all I just need to do is to look into my Idea Database, scroll down and scan through until I feel inspired.


I was writing an article on Google Hangouts and couldn’t find good angles (this topic is written to death!). Suddenly I came across an awesome example on how Google Hangouts are being used in classrooms and inspiration came within seconds! With inspiration back on, it took me about 60 minutes to write an article. I get very productive when I feel inspired.


2. Have your article partially written

This came as a surprise even to me. I expected our users to suggest links and tools and they write contributions worthy of a separate article.


Look at this collection of tips on starting out on social media: I simply ask for some direction to write my future book chapter and I got a 3000-word article (and the ideas are still coming)! I didn’t even think there would be an article and now I am updating my blog while collecting material for the book: effective and productive!


3. Feel obliged to publish

In most cases, this is my most powerful motivation: If I want to get things done, I need to know there are more people expecting the result.

Group Interviews feature is my way to keep myself accountable. It tracks all the deadlines, sends emails reminders and pushes me to put the article together.

MyBlogU Deadline reminder

And the best part, with the group interview going live, I am no longer alone on promoting it: All my contributing experts are excited to share it around!

4. Create TO-DO list reminders

This is a new feature: You can create a TO-DO item assigned to any idea (even the one you sent to yourself) and on a set day, MyBlogU will send you an email reminder.

MyBlogU will send you an email when the reminder is due

This is a great way to remind yourself of an upcoming article or writing obligations. You can use this neat free feature as a mini writing project management system.

Let’s write more and become more awesome with!

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  1. Soumya Roy says:

    It is a problem which possibly all bloggers and writers face in their writing profession. I am not a writer and not a blogger but I am an SEO and online marketer and recently started my startup venture. And being a startup company we are now feeling the need of quality contents on our niche to cater to our target audiences. Writing is always a tough thing for me because I believe, writing good contents needs creativity and knowledge on the subject. I lack in creativity so much that I am actually facing difficulties with writing for my startup and industry.
    This article motivates me a lot that I am not alone who is facing this issue even best of the bests are sometime feel in the same way.
    Thanks for sharing this post and inspiring me to write.

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  4. anitha says:

    Thank you for creating this awesome guide! It’s very interesting with lots of actionable tips on creating your own auction site.

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