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Expert Interview Questions: Create an Outstanding Expert Interview

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expert-interviews-mybloguMyBlogU Interviews feature helps you find unique answers to your questions which you can turn into fresh original content for your blog.

Our members will gladly answer your questions and once you have enough of those, you can easily generate the original article. Here’s the list of options you have when creating an HTML code for your article based on your interviewees’ answers.

Interviews are also added to MyBlogU WordPress plugin allowing you to collect replies and turn them into a post draft with just a couple of clicks.

Even though an expert interview may mostly consist of your experts’ answers, that doesn’t mean you, as a host and editor, have no control over the discussion flow. Here are some tips on how to ask good questions to generate a great expert article at the end!

1. Open versus Closed Questions

Think of questions that would result in a long detailed reply (this is called “open question”). Stay away from questions where answer can be “yes” or “no”

Example of open interview questions:

“Why did you join MyBlogU? Please describe your goals!”

Example of closed question:

“Do you like MyBlogU?”

Example of an open question that is unlikely to spur a detailed reply:

“When did you join MyBlogU?”

The best idea is to try to answer each question to yourself. Try to think:

“Is my question limiting the expert or does it inspire a detailed reply?”

2. Word Limit

You can set a word limit for each question you add. Use word limit to control how detailed should be replies you expect. Don’t require too much not to scare experts off.

  • Usually 150-200 words are enough for a good reply
  • When I am not sure how detailed each reply should be, I leave 50-word limit to give each interviewee the freedom to choose

  • When my question is closed (for example, “Would you be able to join this Twitter chat on November XX”), I’ll leave a 2-word limit to allow “No” as an answer 🙂

How to set interview word limit

3. Discussion Direction

While an expert interview is the editorial collection of someone else’s opinion, the editor has huge control over how the direction flow.

For example, way back when Authorship photos were removed from search results, I created a popular expert opinion roundup using MyBlogU. Notice how I encouraged a bit provocative discussion by adding “Why not? :)” to each question.

Brainstorm intriguing answers to generate an array of unique and interesting answers to publish on your site!

Also, questions about personal experience also tend to work very well: Whenever the interview is about people sharing what they really experienced and felt, it becomes a very interesting read!

4. Asking for Specifics

Feel free to get specific when asking something. For example, from time to time I can ask to:

  • Provide a screenshot (or an image)
  • Recommend at least one tool (to make the advice more actionable)
  • Provide a list of something
  • Provide personal experience only
  • You name it!

We created the tool to ask people for unique quotes to use on your site as fresh sharable content but it’s up to you how creative you’ll get with using it!

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  3. Anne says:

    Great tips! I’m looking for information on creating good expert roundups questions and this actually helps a lot. Thanks!

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