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How to Build a Memorable Niche Blog #MyBlogU

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How to Build a Memorable Niche BlogWhat makes a blog stick in your mind? What makes you come back, interact and comment? What makes you think “Ah, I remember that blogger Bill Smith covering that recently!”

These questions have always interested me: Back in I wrote a very naive article “Does Your Blog Have a Flavor?” in which I tried to identify some of the tiny but important things that make a blog stand out.

While all of those things are important, let’s try to come up with more actionable advice this time:

Brand Yourself

One thing I’ve learned from years of blogging experience: If you want your blog to be remembered, brand yourself.

People remember people: It’s easier to remember the face and the name. It’s in our nature. It’s easier to build connections with other bloggers when they know who you are.

Keep an eye on your personal brand identity:

  • Use the same headshot throughout all your social media accounts
  • Use the same version of your name everywhere (The simpler, the better: e.g. Omit your middle name or the second part of your last name unless there’s a good reason you need to keep it to stand out).

If you can’t (or don’t want to) brand yourself, brand your alter ego, your imaginary friend or a human version of your cat: There should be a person visible on the blog. There’s nothing essentially wrong in keeping anonymity while still infusing your blog with some parts of your personality.

Find Your Mini-Niche

Back when I started blogging on Internet marketing, the niche was already over-saturated: There were great bloggers giving indepth expert advice, those tracking rumor, those covering news, etc.

I started with no clear idea where I’ll fit in this grand picture: I tried myself doing a little bit of everything until I found my way to get known: I started covering tools. Strangely, not many bloggers did it before me and none did that on a regular and consistent basis, so my voice got promptly heard.

Now, I am not saying you need to go ahead and start reviewing tools in whatever niche you are in: What I am saying is that you need a topic to eventually stick to. It is OK that you might not know what it is now that you are starting but finding your unique way to win in a busy niche should be one of your blogging goals.

Be Everywhere

The Internet is overloaded with blogs and articles. These days, one huge indepth article is not enough for random readers to remember you.

It takes 3 or more “touches” for people to start saying “I’ve seen this guy before…”. For example, they read your article, then they see your video and finally they download your mini eBook and next day discover you on their own desktop…

Re-packaging is the most powerful tactic to achieve the #BeEverywhere illusion without going crazy. With each of your article, aim at creating at least two multi-media mini resources to spread your brand further.

Brand Everything You Publish

Whatever goes online needs to be clearly and most importantly consistently branded: Use your logo as a watermark on the video, mention your name on every page of your eBook, use consistently similar templates for your Slideshare downloads and pdf files.

It’s ok to experiment with the style and looks when you are starting out but identifying your branded designs (and maybe even creating your own brand guidelines for the future) will both make your blog easier to remember and save your time creating your assets.

Create Your Brand Assets

Speaking of brand assets, we already talked about creating off-site brand presence.

These assets work as alternative income streams, lead generation tools and, what is also important, as those additional “touches” people will bump into to get reminded of your blog.

The more they see you around the web, the more they trust you and want to come back!

Are there more actionable tips on how to build a memorable blog? Share in the comments!

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  1. Acord says:

    Thank you for an interesting article. Talking about the blog uniqueness your blog is unique in its own way. I have never seen that many quotations from Twitter. It draws my attention that you are interested in your readers and in what they think of you.

    There is no way to be the best or even a good specialist in all areas. You may be a good specialist in one sphere only.

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