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How to Build Traffic to Your Website with #MyBlogU

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build-trafficWe’ve mentioned MyBlogU traffic generating ideas here and there but this question still pops up, so we’ve decided to put together a quick reference guide on how MyBlogU can help you build your traffic.

Here are just a few ways MyBlogU can help you build your traffic:

Quick Traffic Building Ideas Using MyBlogU

1. Ask for interesting ideas

Create content on interesting topics that will resonate with your audience and increase search and social traffic naturally.

It’s tough to come up with content ideas: Having real people send you something interesting is both motivating and inspiring. If you use MyBlogU right, you’ll find your blog producing content that provokes discussions!

MyBlogU for content

2. Send ideas and answer blog interview questions

Build referral traffic from links by being featured in other people’s articles.

*Here’s a good example demonstrate the referral power of an interview feature: Gerald Weber mentioned our site Viral Content Buzz in this interview, and that article is now the third most important source of referral traffic.

3. Create more content

More content still translates into more traffic. You can start the always continuing quality-versus-quantity discussion here but in reality BOTH matter and it is never obvious which one matters most.

More content means more people will share and search engines will be pinged with your site updates more often. Both works well for traffic and you are likely to see the affect within a couple of months (if you start updating your blog with good content at least once or twice a week!)

4. Get help sharing

Your article contributors will help you share your article with their own followers. Most of them will do that because they will be humbled and excited to get featured.

And with MyBlogU you don’t even have to email each of your contributors separately: Our system will handle all the notifications once you mark and idea or any answer as published.

MyBlogU email

5. Get more comments

Besides sharing, most of your contributors will also take the time to comment on the piece.

Comments are fresh content which search engines do. More comments encourage more people participate in discussions too which means more engaged readers. Both work well for traffic!

6. Get your articles shared via ViralContentBuzz

Each MyBlogU article that properly credits its contributors gets automatically submitted to

ViralContentBuzz is able to make a huge difference when it comes to traffic: It won’t boost every article you submit but when the content is the right fit, it works wonders:

Build traffic MyBlogU

Longer-term benefits

  • You get invited to more interviews more often (this is a rich-get-richer phenomenon: People seeing you being interviewed will be more willing to reach out to you to invite as well). This means more opportunities, more links and more traffic
  • Most importantly, you build up your connections and experience: Discover more content marketing tactics, meet people from different niches and learn something new every day by helping them!

See you at MyBlogU!

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