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How to Craft a Better Title Tag: 10 Actionable Tips #MyBlogU

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title-tag-optimizationIn an effort to help our #MBUstorm contestants to build up their new blogs, we’ve shared quite a few tips by now: We’ve talked about building your brand assets, lead generation, engaging your readers, crafting a great logo on the cheap

Today we are starting to share some content tips because you should be well past the set-up phase right now and into building up your content…

We’ve talked about the anatomy of an epic article previously and here’s a quick follow up: Brainstorming the most prominent and thus the most important element of your content: The title tag.

1.Keep them short: Google will only display ~60 characters within search results (after the redesign). You can still make your title tags longer but remember that titles are also tweeted: If they are short and sweet, you get short and sweet Tweets as the result. According to Moz, the ideal title tag length is somewhere around 55 characters

2. Think about grabbing attention: Title tags get clicked in search results, Facebook and Twitter feeds, etc. Make sure they spur curiosity

3. Run a two-minute keyword research when crafting your title tag. Use this free tool to get some ideas.

4. Answer a question in your title tags: This may increase your chances to rank in “position zero” (Google answer boxes). Here are some tools to research those questions to answer.

5. If you do an interview or cover an event, make sure to include the interviewee’s best-known name and Twitter handle or event hashtag in the title: Organic tweets will be your ego-baiting

6. You may go wrong with lists (people seem to grow tired of lists) but you can’t go wrong with “How to”.

7. Avoid unnecessary punctuation (especially “” -). It eats up character space and I’ve seen it being turned into weird symbols in tweets.

8. Use Pauline Cabrera’s @Twelveskip cheatsheet listing 74 clever blog post title templates. This is also a good list of post title ideas (via @startablog123).

9. Use MyBlogU Articles section to ask our members to suggest a better title

10. Use your title research to improve your article. Crafting a title is the last thing I do when writing an article but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t inspire some edits, tweaks and additions.

Are there any other guidelines you are using when brainstorming an article title? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Some excellent tips in here. One thing that stood out was using questions marks to try in appear in “position zero”. Definitely something that would be worthwhile testing.

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