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How to Get and Keep in Touch with #MyBlogU Members

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myblogu-build-contactsAt @MyBlogU we are committed to keeping you updated on everything that’s going on for you to be able to keep track of statuses, get in touch with your contributors and participate in new projects.

We are still working on making various processes smoother and better (and we hear a lot from you) but here’s our current state of things:

Getting in touch with @MyBlogU members

We have a neat internal “Private messages” system which you can use to get in touch with any member. We are keeping it internal because:

  • We want to make sure we guard the community from any abuse
  • We give tools for our members to be able to report and blacklist any member (Hopefully you’ll never need those but that’s life! We want you to be protected)

Whenever you feel like you are being targeted by spam, or the conversation gets aggressive and offensive, feel free to report and ban the user (+ That will help the admins to stay on top of all possible kinds of abuse and protect other members):

Click “Report button”:

Getting in touch with @MyBlogU members

Block or report or both:

Getting in touch with @MyBlogU members

Follow-up Reminders

These are pretty awesome. Feel free to set a reminder to follow up with anyone if hearing back (or checking the status) is really important:

Follow-up Reminders

Keeping up-to-date with new projects: Subscriptions

We send handy email digests of all new (or updated) brainstorm projects, interview requests and media items. I hope these emails will spur your creativity and prompt you to submit your quotes.

Email digest can be limited to the categories which are more interesting to you as well as set to be sent:

  • Daily
  • Once per 3 days
  • Weekly


You can subscribe here

Sending updates to your interview contributors

This feature is currently limited to Interview feature (because we want to test it out well). You can select all / any of your interview participants to send them a PM with one click:

Sending updates to your interview contributors

You can use that feature to:

  • Invite them to the associated Twitter chat
  • Invite them to participate in your other MBU project
  • Send them an update why you are not yet publishing the interview (Maybe ask them to share the interview with their friends who you think may be interested in contributing as well!)

Good luck connecting!

Also, quick update (please spread the word):

If you have an infographic, (viral) video, ebook, add it to! As soon as we have a solid database, we’ll start suggesting these to bloggers who create projects (to use in blog posts) and will later incorporate it to our soon-to-come WordPress plugin (as “Related media:”)

twitter-1Tweet this: This is going to be HUGE for bringing your assets to bloggers

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