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How to Get Featured in AMAs (Ask Me Anything) #MyBlogU

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Get featured in AMAs (Ask Me Anything)AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) is a concept which was made popular by Reddit, where the users (i.e. “the AMA host”) open themselves up to questioning by the public, around an announced topic of their choice.

Other users can leave questions, and vote for the questions of others that they would most like to see answered. The host responds to the questions they would like, and in any way that they prefer.

While AMAs are usually entertaining and inspiring to read and comment, hosting them can be a great way to grow your personal brand.

Here’s a quick guide to being featured in Internet AMAs!

Reddit AMAs



/IAmA is the hugest AMA subreddit. To be able to post your own AMA here you need to be good at something uncommon or you need to have done something outstanding (e.g. “I have just climbed Mount Everest”). A few examples to get inspired:

  • IamA co-owner of 2 pet shops in Hungary and we have 6 dogs. Ask me anything (Read)
  • IamA (Reporter covering medical marijuana in NY) AMA! (Read)
  • I’m the CEO of an indie game development company, saved from bankruptcy by Reddit. AMA! (Read)

I truly believe any of us can find something interesting to share there!

Whatever it is you are unique / interesting at, you need to provide a proof that you are. Providing a proof rules may seem a bit humbling but if you wish to keep it private you can always contact the mods.


/CasualAMA is the place where anyone can post a new thread. You don’t have to be original, outstanding or different. Just post who you are and enjoy answering the questions.


AMA works the same as IAMA, but it’s 50 times smaller. If you feel shy posting into IAMA but you do feel you are somewhat a big deal, this is a good place to try first. Abandoned AMAs (Those where the host stopped answering questions) may be deleted.

This AMA has a downvote blocked to avoid “unconscious groupthink”.

/Internet AMA

/Internet AMA

Internet AMA is a more relaxed subreddit hosting AMAs with anyone who considers themselves Internet famous or successful (anyone making a living online, building anything online etc)

This is a place to get to know the Internet Famous, moderators, karmawhores, youtube stars, and anyone else who likes to think they are a big deal.

Just post an AMA: It’s a good place to test how this works!


If you have anything to share about inbound marketing, start your thread here. It’s a good idea to first email the team to get your AMA properly scheduled and promoted.

Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA)

WAMA hosts Ask me Anything interviews with Internet Marketers that has something worthy to share. If you are willing to be a WAMA guest, please submit a support ticket here. Be sure to include a bio, your specialties and what you can help the community with.

TechAsia AMA

TechAsia hosts very popular AMAs with founders and entrepreneurs. To host your AMA, contact the editorial team.

Tip: There can be irregular AMAs on various niches. If you provide PR services or if you are interested in participating in various AMAs, monitor [your niche “ask me anything”] using Tweetdeck and BuzzSumo.

Promote Your AMA

Whenever you are featured in AMA, don’t forget to do your best to promote it because it’s your brand that’s being featured. Obviously, promote your AMA before it happens:

  • Share it with your following across all your social media networks and email friends inviting them to ask questions
  • If you have a list, announce it in the newsletter

Doing AMA is hard work. In many cases, it will take your whole day! Do re-use that content on your assets to get more out of it. For example,

  • Make a video answering best questions (example)
  • Do a podcast answering best questions (example)
  • Feature best questions and answers on your blog in a post (example)
  • Probably do a Slideshare presentation with best questions and short answers too!

Here are more re-packaging ideas to get you inspired!

Get featured and grow your brand!

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  1. Vikas Kumar says:

    Hi annsmarty,

    I have used Askmeanything. Its really amazing for questioning and answering.

    I always use to get traffics from this.


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