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How to Grow Your Twitter Presence with #MyBlogU

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Twitter presenceBesides giving you the ways to create free awesome content, MyBlogU is also a social media marketing platform. We help you build your brand on Twitter!

Here’s how!

Today we are discussing growing your presence on Twitter and how MyBlogU can help!

1. Grow your Twitter interactions

We are doing our best to encourage our users to connect to each other on Twitter. If you have an open Brainstorm or Interview project with us, you may see tweets like this tagging you:

Grow your Twitter interactions

Whenever anyone is sending you an idea, he or she is encouraged to send Twitter heads-ups to the project owner:

The idea was sent successfully: Now tweet!

The same way we encourage the project owner, send you Twitter “thanks” once your idea is approved.

The idea was approved: now tweet!

We do this to let you connect with each other on Twitter and to build your Klout Score too (interactions drive visibility!)

Note that you will only be @tagged in the tweets if you authenticate your Twitter account with us in My Profile -> Edit.

Connect Your twitter account to MyBlogU

***Please read more about completing your MyBlogU profile here!

2. Get your content retweeted by your contributors

If you use any answers by MyBlogU contributors in your articles, don’t forget to mark those as published!

Get your content shared by your contributors!

Our system will auto-notify your contributors and encourage them to spread the word! Plus, this link will be populated in for you to generate more shares from power social media users!

twitter-1>>>Tweet this: MyBlogU articles generally have many more shares and comments than your usual posts!<<<

*** Please read more on how to get your expert interview retweeted like crazy!

Note: For brainstorm projects, you can (and even encouraged to) approve ideas prior to using any. We realize that brainstorms are more lose (they have no deadlines), but idea authors may be really willing to hear your feedback as soon as possible (they are creative and love being motivated!). So you can mark their ideas published later when you use them in an article.

Interview projects are less flexible: They have expected deadlines, so it’s best to close the project once you publish the interview.

3. Generate links to your Twitter profile

Again, if you authenticate your Twitter account from MyBlogU, your Twitter profile link will be linked in many expert group interviews you are participating in:

MyBlogU build links

Here are a few examples of LIVE expert interviews using the contributors’ links as provided my MyBlogU

These charts are generated by MyBlogU using the information on users’ MBU accounts.

***Here’s more info on formatting MyBlogU interviews and all the options you have.

Note: It’s not required that interview publishers use your links. The content is purely editorial!

What’s your favorite Twitter marketing tactic?

Here are a couple of bonus tips from us!

  • Participate in our Twitter chats: #vcbuzz Tuesdays 12 pm EST and #myblogu Thursdays 11 am EST: They work great for growing your following and mentions!
  • Participate in our challenge: Every new season we motivate our community with 30-day challenge contest encouraging them to act every day (even if it’s a small action!). Participants are required to tweet what they do daily: We’ve found that using the same hashtag works great for community building! If you want more retweets, favorites and follows, join our #MBUstorm challenge. Next one is coming up in early spring!
  • What’s your favorite way to build Twitter following and interactions?

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