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How to Manage Your Reputation Using #MyBlogU

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Branding and reputation management are huge in the world of the Internet. People are able to publicly discuss you, your product, your service or your business and this can sometimes bring lots of damage.

Having a strong trusted brand is the only way to secure your business online (And yes, Google loves brand and brand mentions too!)

We’ve already talked about building your personal brand using MyBlogU

Today let’s follow up to see how the platform can be used for reputation management.

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is about making sure you can somehow control the top search results in Google, Bing or other search engines for your brand name.

In other words, if a competitor sponsors a nasty review about you or your business, you should be able to outrank it in search results with your own assets.

In most cases, we talk about pre-emptive reputation management, i.e. building up strong brand navigational search results in Google and Bing before anything bad happens. This way if you ever get attacked, you’ll manage the crisis easier.

Pre-emptive reputation management has more benefits including:

  • Growing trusted brand mentions (Which help achieving higher search results to the web pages associated with your brand)
  • Better conversions (If customers keep seeing your brand around, they will be more likely to buy from you when they shop)
  • Lead generations: Growing your brand online presence helps generate more lead generation channels

Reputation management is always associated with these two integral tasks:

  • Growing your brand assets outside of your site (You can read about this strategy here)
  • Monitoring your brand mentions. We’ve had a few Twitter chats on this here and here.

MyBlogU Helps You Create Those Brand Assets

A page about your business on a trusted site (which is not your main domain) is your brand asset that can rank for your name.

One of the most efficient brand assets is, of course, your expert interview. It ranks well (blogs attract links easily!): Try searching Google for [myblogu] for example to see that blog posts almost dominate the search results!

Getting interviewed on blogs is a huge trust factor too: People automatically assume you are a big deal!

Search both MyBlogU Brainstorm and Expert Interview sections to see where you can apply to be featured. Think outside of the box: It should not necessarily be related to your business. Tell your personal story, share your hobbies, etc. Being human is a huge factor too!

Expert Interview Opportunities

Some bloggers publishing your interview will mention your business name in the title (which is most essential for ranking for that name). I also don’t see anything wrong if you PM your blogger and ask to include your brand name in the title.

Tip: There’s nothing inherently bad with trying to rank your interview for your business name. In fact that’s a good thing for the blogger too: If enough people search for your brand, your interview will bring more traffic to his/her blog!

Here are some examples of MyBlogU-generated interviews that actually rank for that brand name!

Here are some interviews that rank for [myblogu] brand name:

If you need to control your brand search results better, get featured in expert interviews!

MyBlogU Helps You Promote Those Brand Assets

Social media presence is another effective source of brand assets that rank incredibly well. MyBlogU is your convenient way to build some natural citations to those social media profiles, because many of bloggers link to them in their interviews and round-ups.

To increase your odds, make sure you complete your MyBlogU profile by adding your social media profiles. If you run both personal and business accounts for your business, feel free to provide whichever you prefer. We don’t have any guidelines: It’s up to you!

social media networks

This way, bloggers featuring you in their articles will be able to see your social media accounts next to your quote and choose to include any or all in their round-up.

Here are some examples of MyBlogU-generated articles linking to social media accounts of all contributor(s):

Create and promote your brand assets using #MyBlogU!

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