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How to Monetize Your New Site #MBUstorm #MyBlogU

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blog-monetizeWe are moving on to the most important part: Monetizing our #MBUstorm sites.

I consider it the most important not just because of the money aspect of it (though it’s good enough). Seeing some money coming in is the most motivational thing: You’ll find yourself more motivated to tweak designs, write more, etc.

Never wait too long before creating your monetization plan: Better start early to be able to learn a lot!

1. Paid articles

Must-read: Websites that pay writers

If you blog consistently, you build up your unique style and end up building a great writing portfolio. That makes it much easier to find paid writing gigs.

In my case, for example, I never had to search for one: Publishers saw me contributing around the web and came to offer me paid gigs.

2. Selling a course

Must-read: The Udemy Experiment – Can I Make Money?

Creating and selling a course is a great way to earn a recurring income once your course is up and running.

I recommend starting at Udemy because in my experience it’s the easiest system to set up a course. Their own user base is quite active as well: So you’ll be able to test the interest, gather feedback, etc.

A newer option is Course Worms: You can try both simultaneously.

Once you feel better about your course(s), you can host them yourself using a platform like this one.

3. Affiliate marketing

Must-read: How to Make Money Blogging: Learn From 23 Top Bloggers

This article lists 23 bloggers who share how and how much they earn through their blogs. While ALL of them use a good mix of different monetization methods: Most of them have listed affiliate marketing as their top income resource.

I’ve gone through all the stories and the following affiliate programs seem to have worked best for many of them:

  • BlueHost
  • LeadPages
  • Hostgator
  • SocialOomph

You may want to join Share A Sale affiliate network to find more affiliate programs in your niche. Make sure you pick the products you want to promote carefully: If you recommend always something worthy to your readers, you’ll build up trust.

Here’s also a good guide on how to earn as Amazon affiliate

Tip: Most of the products or tools you are already promoting on your blog might have an affiliate program: Just find one and sign up. You can use our plugin to link the product names using your referral URL.

4. Selling merchandise

This idea makes especially much sense if your niche site evolves around a cool motto… You can promote it using cool products (T-shirts, mugs, etc) as well as earn some money while doing that.

Example: Live Your Legend T-shirts powered by Deco Network

Another good idea is to create and sell motivational posters. Here are some tools for that. And here’s a good partner program to try out.

5. Ads..

Obviously, there’s always an option to monetize through ads and while I am not a big fan of that (I always think that ad space could be better used by one of the above options), in many cases this can work well.

AdSense is the most obvious choice here. I’ve heard good things about Ezoic for optimizing your ads for more clicks.

Other options may be:

More ideas and case studies:

If you need more inspiration, go through these podcasts featuring people sharing their monetization secrets.

Also, especially if you are new to monetizing, make sure you read this guide on making money online.

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  1. Karan Bhagat says:

    Hello Ann,

    These are some nice methods to monetize a website. You have talked about Ads and Ezoic here, well I have worked with Ezoic and it didn’t came out to be fruitful for at least me, I had to face some technical issues as well because of that integration but that may not be the case with everyone.

    Thank You,

  2. Jess says:

    Thank you so very much. I have a favor/question if you could email me. Thank you, Jess

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