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How to Properly Thank an Influencer #MyBlogU

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Thank influencersLast week week we have shared some good and bad examples of influencer outreach emails and one of the mentioned issues was failure to thank influencers properly which could actually ruin a relationship.

Influencers are no divas and they don’t need to hear back from every person or company they mention in articles or social media updates but a timely “thanks” can bring that relationship further, encourage more mentions and actually result in lots of other great (mutually beneficial) opportunities.

Whether it’s a sponsored mention or an absolutely unexpected one doesn’t really matter: You should always be there to express your gratitude and appreciation which may come in various forms.

1. A simple sweet online interaction

The first step is always to publicly thank for the mention: Reply, like, retweet (the more interactions, the better).

Follow all the steps here: What to Do After You Get Featured in an Article: Checklist

Interactions are beneficial to both you and the influencer: You cannot overdo that!

Tip: Turn your promoter’s reviews into visual quotes, then create a separate box within tweetjukebox to promote them over and over again!

2. Offer a free (beta) access

A short and sweet personal email thanking an influencer for the mention and inviting them to use your tool for free goes a long way.

Outline some hidden features that blogger may find interesting: Spur their inspiration and curiosity.

Don’t ask for more coverage: That blogger has already mentioned you! Instead, ask for the feedback. Make sure they know their opinion and effort are valued!

3. Feature the influencer in an interview

Inviting an influencer (Who is also your promoter) to do an interview (in any shape or form: This could be a blog q&a, a podcast or a Twitter chat) is a great way to bring that relationship to the next level.

Mind that this effort achieves two very important goals:

  • You create a brand asset that is important to an influencer: Once they have a page on your site dedicated to them, they will want to promote it!
  • You get another chance to promote that mention again by linking to it from the new interview.

Read about other benefits of doing blog expert interviews here.

4. Include that mention in your blog round-up

That’s what we do with our monthly #myblogu PUSH Thursday: It’s another chance for us to share those valuable mentions with our community as well as link to them from our official blog.

Note that we always tag every blogger in each of our tweets and ask our community to help us by thanking and tagging our promoters too!

MyBlogU mentions

Every MyBlogU mention is cherished!

5. Curate mentions to give them more exposure

Curating your featured mentions helps you create offsite brand assets (which help in reputation management) as well as give you an opportunity to promote those mentions again and again.

Best tools to curate your mentions:

  • Storify
  • RebelMouse

Don’t miss more tips on promoting your promoters!

Finally, if you feel inspired, here are 10 ways to help MyBlogU to grow together!

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