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Influencer Outreach Email Examples: Make Them Work #MyBlogU

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Influencer Outreach Email Examples: Make Them WorkWe’ve already listed some of the more useful influencer marketing tools to find and monitor niche influencers. Now, let’s discuss a proper way to reach out to them.

Normally I recommend using all possible ways to connect and keep in touch with the influencers you identified. Whether you plan a campaign or just want them to help you promote your recent article, that contact should be there to stay:

  • Connect on multiple platforms
  • Interact with those influencers on social media regularly and authentically: Comment, like, retweet, etc
  • Link to them from your articles and tag them in your social media updates

Use “multiple touches” tactic before turning to the most efficient connection method – a personal email.

Yes, emailing is still the most effective way to build a relationship. The key is to do it right!

One thing to note here is that MyBlogU manages and semi-automates (in a good way) most of your influencer communication by handling status update notifications, “thank you” emails and follow up reminders.

Follow-up Reminders

So when using MyBlogU, you don’t need to worry about the right ways to email.

For all other cases, here are good and bad influencer outreach email examples for you to avoid mistakes and do it right!

1. BAD examples of influencer outreach emails

These are actual examples of emails I got and my own opinion why I’d never reply or consider these offers.

1.1 Templated offer and unreasonable expectations

This is one of the few emails I was so amused by that I had to share it on social media:

Unreasonable expectation

While I appreciate how straightforward the email was, it’s not a good way to approach an author. Every writer is different: Some of them are looking to monetize what they do, others will appreciate more ways of mutual partnerships.

Be careful not to offend anyone: Try to list more options and note that you are open to all kinds of mutually beneficial deals. For example, on case-by-case basis you can offer to buy the influencer’s book (for your whole team to get educated), help promote a premium course, promote their membership site in your newsletter, etc.

Do your homework to come up with custom, flexible and (most importantly) reasonable offers on a case-by-case basis!

1.2 An outrageously cold email

The major red flags:

1. No personalization
2. Bold requirements
3. Indicator that it’s a mass email

Cold email example

Stephanie shares another cool example here: Too vague to trigger an action (reply):

Hi Stephanie, Kindly be informed that I am trying to contact you regarding a business proposal. Wherein you can get extra income through your blogspot & websites beside helping your users, followers to plan their trip and explore the places. Please reply on below contact info for further discussion. Thanks & regards ! Javed”

Our Janette Speyer puts it very well:

the lack of authenticity is what gets me. If you want an influencers or bloggers to help, put something back. If you can’t return the favor this minute, perhaps later on.

1.3 Asking for more without properly managing a relationship

This is an actual email I once received from a very reputable brand asking me to include their link in one of my articles:

Asking for more

My reply was that I actually did link to them in multiple articles (but not that one). I expected any amiable reply except the one I received: The guy thanked me but then asked to ALSO link them in that article as well.

As much as I loved the brand, I was outraged and never linked to them again. You cannot ask for more promotion without properly managing the existing relationship.

A much better way to handle that would be to offer something to thank me: An access to their beta platform to enjoy more tools, a special offer, etc. Whether I needed it or not is not important: It’s just that you go above and beyond to thank your promoters instead of asking for more!

1.4 Not enough incentive to trigger action

Now, this one is not such a bad example. I am only listing here to contrast with a much better example below.

Not enough incentive

It is well personalized (though obviously templated) and well worded (it sounds real!)

My only issue here is that there’s no real incentive for me to go ahead and edit my already published article to include that link. Yes, he mentions that his resource is “more thorough” but it’s his own subjective opinion and not enough to trigger action.

A better way get me go ahead and promote his resource would be:

  • Fixing my mistake or inaccuracy in the article
  • Add something that’s missing
  • Answer the question I asked in the article

2. *GOOD* examples of influencer outreach emails

Here are two examples that actually accomplishes the above task perfectly: These emails are great action triggers making them almost impossible to forget or avoid.

2.1 Timely and generous offer (without asking anything in return)

Immediately after I wrote this article, I got an email from @SEMrush community manager notifying me that they extended my PRO subscription and also giving me heads-up on the features they are working on that would help solve the problem I discussed in the actual article:

SEMrush outreach email

And I didn’t even mention them in my article. Nor did they ask for a link or share… I was so excited that I went ahead and shared this email on Facebook noting that I love the features. And this, I guess, is my second article since then mentioning that awesome email.

It works!

2.2 Fixing the author mistake (in a good way)

I blog on hashtags a lot and I was very amused to receive this email enlightening me on how Tumblr hashtags work:

Fixing the author mistake

Unless the influencer has an unreasonably huge ego, they will appreciate this email and will make sure to correct their factual mistakes adding links and explanations from the email. This is actually a great example of properly building connections while adding value to the web!

Do you have more tips on successfully reaching out to influencers? Please share!

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  1. Hi Ann,

    Excellent advice! I say, treat someone you reach out to like a friend. Not a stranger. Even if you’ve never emailed them before, treat them like you have built a bond. Meaning, personalize each email. Respect their time. Short, clear, polite and to the point. People who impress me show they care about me and my blog, those who use my name, who reference posts and who stress the benefits I’d receive and for my audience if I approve their pitch/ask.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. I love this guy who asked for more promotion. He’s really unconcious 😀
    Thanks for featuring my idea, Ann !

  3. Hi Ann, great post. did you by any chance try Outreach.iu and to send follow up emails?

  4. Emmerey Rose says:

    Great article Ann! Thanks for sharing! However, I want to know do you have specific social media platforms that you think work best when engaging to bloggers/influencers?

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  6. Jason M. Bonin says:

    Great article , always bringing , fresh food , thank you once again for the work of the staff of this blog , I hope you always continue this wonderful work.

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