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How to Re-Package Your Group Expert Interview for More Exposure #MyBlogU

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MyBlogU helps you create highly sharable free content but we have warned you that this feature is not to be overused. An ideal scenario would be (1) generating not more than one GREAT group expert interview a month and (2) make the MOST of marketing it.

Here we describe (1). Let’s get down to marketing it:

Create an Infographic1. Create an Infographic

It is an amazingly smart thing to re-package your group interview into an infographic mentioning the experts and summarizing their best tips. It’s a bit harder to create but it’s well worth it!

Example: 10 Pinterest Pros Share Their Best Tips and Tools over at @madlemmingz


  • Make your expert interview HIGHLY pin-friendly (you may also want to add a Pin it button or install @Shareaholic plugin to invite pins better)
  • You get more channels to market: All infographic submission sites, Slideshare, and many other channels that focus on infographics will be happy to feature you!
  • If you include headshots, it will also have the social-assisted conversion component: More people will share because they will recognize the expert


  • Canva: Select “Blog graphic” and find a good template to tweak. You may have to copy it a few times (and then combine the parts into one) if it gets long (That’s how I do that; there may be an easier way!)
  • PicMonkey and Fotor (just select the template with as many photos as you need and drag and drop your photos in there)

SlideShare Presentation2. Create a SlideShare Presentation

You know I love Slideshare and marketing my content there. A group expert interview may be an awesome asset to create a stellar presentation to upload to Slideshare!

Example: The Future Of Marketing put together by @brennermichael featuring experts @bkardon @MarkwSchaefer @marstarke @marketingprofs @alansee @toddwheatland @dougkessler @SteveMcKee and many others!


  • Spread your reach to SlideShare. We know if it can drive traffic!
  • Make your expert interview more engaging by embedding your Slideshare upload: People love going through a nice presentation, so keep them on your page!

Tools: HaikuDeck, (its pdf download) and again Canva (their presentation section).

Video3. Create a Video

You can create a quite entertaining video using your favorite quotes from the interviews.

Example: Viral Content Buzz Traffic Generation Tips


  • Extend your social media reach to Youtube and Vimeo for more brand awareness
  • Create more entertaining and viral content.

Tool: I highly recommend Animoto. Putting together a video there will take just a few minutes!

Create an eBook4. Create an eBook

Example: This book is the collection of 63 interviews. I am not suggesting you THAT far, just showing that the sky is your limit 🙂


  • Give your readers something to go home with (and subscribe for). Convert!
  • Create a digital asset which you can promote in our Media Gallery

Tools: I am not using lots of tools beyond Google Docs / Word that both are pdf-convertable. I recommend this PDF converter because it keeps all links in the pdf clickable (something many tools and methods are struggling with!)

Are there any other ideas / examples of how we can re-package expert interviews? Please share!

2 Responses so far.

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  2. Hey Ann

    Thanks for the mention, I hope I earned it :>
    I am actually in the process of thinking about reusing my recent expert posts that did so well.
    Initially I did not want to do an infographic as it reduces click throughs I find (all the info is on there)
    But after the fact, it might help. That one you showed has over 2000 pins so far. Crazy. But it is on Pinterest, so makes sense.
    I also made it with Canva in two parts, then pasted it together in photoshop.

    Slideshares are on the agenda as are some other ideas. Why not get more out of the work, right?
    thanks again

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