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Join Us in Testing and Promoting #MyBlogU WordPress Plugin

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myblogu-wordpressExciting news today! We launched the very first version of our MyBlogU WordPress plugin. Right now it’s about 10% of its planned functionality but it’s already very helpful!

Here’s what it can help you with…

Add and Verify Your Blog

  • Add and verify your blog easily by just installing the plugin and logging in to your MBU account
  • You can even create a new account if you don’t have one: Everything is done from within WordPress!

Create and Manage Brainstorming Projects

We are getting ready for our winter #mbustorm challenge and thus we integrated Brainstorms into the plugin first. From now on, using the plugin, you can:

  • Create Brainstorming projects; edit and archive projects
  • Collect content ideas right within your WordPress dashboard – How cool is that?!

You can access all ideas which were ever sent to your blog and use the filters to find ideas that mention any word or were part of any project:

Collect and Manage Brainstorming Ideas

Create and Manage Interview Projects

[This feature is not live yet but we are updating the plugin this week]

With MyBlogU plugin you can easily create an interview request to collect first-hand opinions and quotes from niche experts. Collect quotes, then (once you have enough) easily close the interview and import all the selected answers into a new draft post (to edit and publish from there).

Manage Interview Projects

Once you publish an article all the selected contributors will be automatically notified and invited to promote the published article. This is the most efficient approach to creating expert content and involve participating experts into promoting it!

Manage MyBlogU Notifications

MyBlogU plugin will help you to be on top of what’s going on at MyBlogU by showing the most recent notifications:

Manage MyBlogU Notifications

Please install the plugin, test it out and report any bugs (if you have any) by simply tweeting to @myblogu. If you have a account, please review the plugin. Otherwise, please spread the word by sharing it around! 🙂

We’ll be updating you more of what is being added to the plugin throughout the upcoming months! So far we are very excited to have launched something that has never been created before us! Innovation! 🙂

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  1. Very cool, very useful. The last thing I need is another plugin…. but, I just can’t say no to this one.

  2. […] are thankful for all our beta testers who jumped in readily to use the platform and teach us how to make it […]

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