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July Community Updates at #MyBlogU : Creating New Content Pages

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July-2016-pushJuly… It means the summer is almost over. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy it!

This whole month we have been talking about how to create useful and resourceful pages that will bring extra value to you blog and that your readers will like, share, and keep coming for more!

July Twitter chats:

And today is another example of a round up you can create on your blog too.

MyBlogU Featured Mentions of the Month:

ViralContentBuzz mentions in July. Our little bee-sister has been quite busy too:

Projects we participated in:

If you are looking for some great projects to contribute to, here they are:

Article requests:


10Of4L3f_400x400Our featured user of the month is Christopher Benitez @christopherjanb!

Christopher is freelance writer providing businesses with actionable content that delivers value to their audience. Thank you Christopher for being active in the community life and for your publishing this month!

2 Responses so far.

  1. Thanks for featuring me as your user of the month, guys! As you can see from the featured mentions, I strongly believe in MyBlogU as a platform for writers and marketers to make a difference! I hope more users would adapt to using MyBlogU to brainstorm for content ideas and build relationships with influencers.

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